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Looking for peptides for sale?

If you’re an independent peptide researcher, the most important item that you’ll need to procure is the peptide itself.

However, the internet is full of dubious vendors who sell inferior products, or who are outright scammers looking to make a quick buck.

That’s why we have assembled this list of the best places to buy peptides online, which you will find below.

Peptides For Sale | Top 3 Vendors

Of all the vendors we recommend, these are the three best peptide companies we most recommend for pure and high-quality research peptides at fair prices:

  1. Best Selection of High-Quality Peptides: Peptide Sciences
  2. Best Purity-Tested, Low-Cost Peptides: Limitless Life
  3. Best Up-to-Date Purity Testing: Core Peptides

What Are Peptides?

Structurally, peptides are compounds made up of amino acids arranged in chains. They consist of just two to 50 amino acids in a chain. Compounds with fifty or more amino acids in this arrangement are classified as a protein. Because there are many different types of amino acids, and they can be arranged in many different ways, there are many unique peptides—all of which may offer different benefits [1].

In fact, many prescription medications are peptide-based, and peptides are also used in dietary supplements and topical skin and hair care products. The majority of peptides are currently unapproved for human use and are classed as research chemicals that are studied by independent researchers.

Peptides may be useful and helpful for skin health, hair growth, muscle growth, blood vessel formation, bone strength, cellular health, immune support, anti-aging, fat loss, and more.

How We Select the Best Peptide Companies

w that we have covered what peptides are, let’s go over how we go about determining the best online peptide vendors.

To assemble our list of the best peptide companies, we used the following criteria:

  • Purity testing and quality: The most important variables when considering where to purchase research peptides are purity testing and peptide quality. Researchers should seek out vendors who conduct rigorous product testing, preferably including third-party testing, for product purity, quality, identity, and presence of contaminants. 
  • Product selection and variety: Additionally, product selection and variety are important. As a researcher, it’s much easier to establish a relationship with a reputable vendor that sells an assortment of research peptides in different forms and concentrations than to seek out individual vendors for each peptide. 
  • Pricing: Cost is a key consideration for any researcher—from large-scale university laboratories to small, independent researchers. Be wary of vendors whose prices are significantly lower than competitors, as this suggests they may not be trustworthy or serious about testing. On the other hand, vendors who are priced significantly higher than others may not actually offer products that match the quality or purity of those who offer “middle-of-the-road” pricing. 
  • Payment methods: To facilitate access to research peptides, it’s important for a peptide vendor to offer a variety of payment methods. Many vendors on this list accept major credit or debit cards, peer-to-peer payments, and cryptocurrencies.  
  • Shipping policies: We also consider shipping times when rating peptide suppliers. Many of our preferred vendors ship worldwide, so physical proximity to a warehouse is a big factor that may impact shipping time. Worldwide shipping that takes two weeks or less from order to delivery seems to be a fair baseline. 
  • Online reviews: We also considered online reviews for each vendor in determining which to include. A bad review or two is not an automatic disqualification, as sometimes issues are unavoidable. However, consistent poor reviews, especially those indicative of repeat issues, represent a red flag and exclusion from our list.
  • Our experience: Finally, as peptide researchers ourselves, we have a great deal of experience working with the below vendors and many others. We have good relationships with each vendor on our list, as both customers and peptide industry colleagues. 

Peptides for Sale | A Comprehensive Review

Based on our judging criteria, we narrowed down the list of the best peptide vendors to these eight companies. Some specialize in research peptides, while others primarily sell topical products or dietary supplements.

Either way, we recommend going through one of these companies when preparing to purchase peptides for research.

Best Peptide Companies | Overall

These are the best overall peptide companies for research peptides.

Let’s dig in…

Peptide Sciences

Peptide Sciences is our go-to for high-quality peptides. All of their peptides are made in the U.S. and go through rigorous testing before being sold to ensure at least 99% purity. Their process includes testing at each phase of production, from the arrival of raw materials, through various steps of production, and finally, once the product is ready to be sold. They use high-performance liquid chromatography coupled to mass detection (HPLC-MS) to verify the purity, identity, and strength of each peptide they sell.

Additionally, Peptide Sciences boasts a vast catalog of research peptides— including injectable peptides, topical peptides, single peptides, and peptide blends. For many peptides for which there’s high research interest, they also offer several concentrations for easier and more precise dosing in research studies.

Peptide Sciences is especially recommended for US-based researchers, as they offer flat-rate $15 shipping to anywhere in the states. All packages ship using USPS Priority Mail, so they should take just two to three days to arrive from order confirmation.

Additionally, Peptide Sciences accepts payments via major credit cards and wire transfers. te that credit card orders can be confirmed and shipped in just two to three days, while it may take seven to 10 days to confirm wire transfer orders and ship them.

Peptide Sciences also offers bulk and wholesale pricing.

Overall, we recommend Peptide Sciences as an excellent vendor for any U.S.-based peptide researcher.

Limitless Life

Limitless Life otropics (aka Limitless Life) is another reputable source of high-quality research peptides. They work closely with hormone optimization expert and writer Jay Campbell. Limitless Life specializes in nootropics, which are compounds that may help improve focus, concentration, memory, executive function, and mood. Many peptides are also classified as nootropic agents.

Limitless Life pursues third-party purity testing for all of its products. These third-party laboratories independently verify the quality, purity, and identity of Limitless Life peptides, and researchers can view the corresponding Certificates of Analysis on the individual product pages of the Limitless Life website.

Additionally, the website offers a large selection of research peptides and curated bundles of peptides. However, their selection is not quite as comprehensive as that of Peptide Sciences.

Where Limitless Life really shines is its shipping options and payment methods. They accept orders from anywhere in the world and offer discreet worldwide shipping. On domestic orders over $350, shipping is free. They also offer optional shipping insurance for a 2% fee.

The company also accepts payments via Bitcoin, Ether, cash-on-delivery, Zelle, Revolut, Cashapp, and credit card—although they do charge a 10% credit card charge processing fee.

We recommend Limitless Life for international orders, as well as for any researchers who want to use a more discreet payment method such as Bitcoin.

Core Peptides

Core Peptides is another peptide vendor that we highly recommend. They are U.S. based, and all of their peptide products are domestically manufactured, as well. Based on their in-house testing, their products are deemed 99% pure, and they are all manufactured in facilities that meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

They also publish Certificates of Analysis and laboratory test (HPLC-MS) results on each product page.

Additionally, Core Peptides has a large catalog of research peptides, including single peptides and peptide blends. They also offer topical and injectable products, all for laboratory research purposes.

Core Peptides also offers a variety of shipping options, including express shipping within the U.S. However, they do ship worldwide, too. Free shipping is available for U.S. orders over $200, and they offer overnight shipping to U.S. addresses for an extra fee.

Additionally, they offer a very flexible return policy. If the order has not shipped, researchers can cancel it for a full refund. They also accept refund requests up to 30 days after an order is placed.

They also provide bulk and wholesale discounts, but researchers will need to contact the vendor directly to inquire about these discounts.

However, at the moment this top vendor only accepts credit card payments.

Regardless, we recommend Core Peptides for any researcher interested in the most up-to-date test reports for the peptides they intend to study.

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Best for Peptides Nasal Sprays

These companies sell high-quality peptides in nasal spray form, which is a convenient, albeit generally less bioavailable alternative to injectable peptides. offers a wide assortment of peptides and other reference materials, and they boast one of the largest assortments of peptide nasal sprays. Their options include research-grade TB-500 and BPC-157 nasal sprays.

Additionally, has stringent quality standards. In addition to in-house testing to confirm peptide quality, purity, potency, and identity, they also have each product batch tested by independent third-party labs. also offers worldwide shipping. Although they cannot provide estimates for international shipping timelines, they state that most U.S.-based orders arrive within two to eight business days of order confirmation. They also offer free U.S. shipping for orders over $100. also accepts several payment methods, including credit cards, eChecks, bank transfers, and crypto.

For discreet orders of high-quality peptide nasal sprays, is the best choice online.


PureRawz specializes in selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), which are most commonly used for research on hypertrophy (muscle growth). However, they also offer a fair

selection of nasal spray peptides, including tesamorelin and several other single-peptides along with a number of peptide blends.

PureRawz is highly reputable as well. Their products are made in the U.S., and each batch is independently tested by third-party labs for potency, identity, quality, and purity. In addition, they conduct in-house testing for a second layer of verification. They also make all Certificates of Analysis and product test results available on their website.

PureRawz ships internationally, with a few exceptions according to their website. International shipping typically takes anywhere from eight to 17 days, although getting through customs may cause delays.

Within the U.S., they offer free shipping over $99, and most orders arrive within five to 12 days.

Currently, they accept crypto payments for a 10% discount from the order total, but they also accept payments via credit card and eCheck.

We recommend PureRawz for any researchers who are interested in studying peptides in nasal spray format, especially nasal spray peptide blends.

Best Vendor for Oral Peptides

For oral peptides, choose this reputable company.

Integrative Peptides

It can be difficult to find peptides in oral form, but Integrative Peptides is a good source. They currently offer six different oral peptide products, along with some sprays as well. Their products are made in the U.S. and confirmed via third-party testing to be at 99% purity or greater. Laboratory testing reports are available by request.

To view their shipping options and payment options, researchers must first create an account with the Integrative Peptides website.

Best Peptide Serum for Hair Growth

This peptide-based formulation is the best choice for those looking to test a topical serum to stimulate hair regrowth.


Folitin is a new peptide supplement that is specifically designed to support hair growth. It can promote hair regrowth for all types of hair loss, including female hair loss, male pattern balding, alopecia areata (autoimmune hair loss), and telogen effluvium—which is often stress-related.

Folitin contains several types of peptides that work together to support scalp health at a cellular level. These peptides include growth factor peptide, copper peptide, B-vitamin conjugated peptide, and an antioxidant/anti-inflammatory peptide.

Folitin has been specifically formulated to be free of irritants, and for most users should provide zero side effects.

It is currently available for purchase only through the Entera Skincare website.

Check out this powerful peptide serum today to discover its hair growth benefits.

Best Collagen Peptides

Lastly, this brand is the best choice for oral collagen peptides.

Vital Proteins

Collagen peptides are available in over-the-counter dietary supplement form, at nearly any major supplement store and online. Our most trusted collagen peptide brand is Vital Proteins.

They utilize collagen from grass-fed and pasture-raised cows, and their marine collagen is GMO-free and sourced from wild-caught fish.

Vital Proteins also utilizes third-party labs to test each product batch for the presence of contaminants, and their manufacturing facility meets GMP requirements.

This collagen peptide product can be purchased on the Vital Proteins website, through major digital platforms like Amazon, or in-store at most major retailers.

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Benefits of Peptides

Peptides can have many different health applications. Here are some key potential benefits of the most well-known and heavily studied research peptides, including ipamorelin, MK-677, GHK-Cu, and BPC-157.

  • Angiogenesis: Angiogenesis, a process promoted with the administration of peptides like BPC-157, is the formation of new blood vessels. Additional vasculature can help increase blood flow, nutrient supply, and oxygenation of tissues throughout the body [2].
  • Hair, skin, and nail benefits: Peptides like GHK-Cu may support hair, skin, and nail health by helping the body create more collagen, while also improving the cellular health of skin cells by reducing their free radical load with antioxidant activity [3].
  • Muscle growth: Growth hormone secretagogues like ipamorelin mimic the function of growth hormone, and therefore may make it easier for the body to create new muscle tissue, thus increasing total muscle mass [4].
  • Fat loss: Likewise, some peptides like tesamorelin may induce fat loss by increasing muscle mass, reversing insulin resistance, and promoting increased body fat burn [5].
  • Bone strengthening: Through their growth hormone-stimulating activity, compounds like MK-677 may also promote bone turnover, resulting in younger and healthier bone cells that may help strengthen the bones [6].
  • Better sleep: Some peptides like delta-sleep-inducing peptide (DSIP) have even been linked to deeper and more restful sleep [7].
  • Cellular health: Certain peptides may also promote cellular health. They may offer antioxidant effects, meaning that they neutralize harmful free radicals that otherwise cause oxidative stress. Likewise, peptide therapy may help to reduce chronic, systemic inflammation, thus boosting overall health [8, 9].

Peptide Side Effects and Safety

There are many different peptides available in numerous forms. Therefore, it’s hard to assemble a list of side effects that are generally applicable to all peptides.

Each peptide may have its own unique side effects that all researchers should be made aware of prior to the start of the research study. Additionally, it’s important to disclose that many peptides have little published research, so there’s always the possibility of research subjects experiencing side effects that have not yet been elucidated in the scientific data.

Peptide dosing is another important consideration for the prevalence and severity of side effects. When administering peptides as part of a research study, it’s important to start at a low dose and titrate up slowly to minimize the risk of adverse effects. Additionally, peptides should be introduced one at a time to better pinpoint the cause of side effects if any do occur.

There are also some general side effects that may occur based on the method of administration. If a test subject experiences any of these symptoms, they are likely to be mild and pass rapidly.

Here is a quick breakdown of potential side effects based on the form of administration:

  • Injectable peptides: pain, stinging, bruising, or redness at the injection site
  • Oral peptides: gas, bloating, other gastrointestinal side effects
  • Topical peptides: redness, itching, or flakiness at the application site

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Are Peptides Legal?

There are many peptides available, and they fall under varying forms of regulation. Additionally, the legal status of certain peptides also varies by country.

For instance, in the United States, collagen peptides are widely available as an over-the-counter dietary supplement.

Other peptides, such as semaglutide, are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as prescription medications.

The vast majority of peptide compounds are classified as research chemicals, and they are only available for purposes of conducting scientific research.

But again, these categorizations can differ from country to country.

In addition to legal status, it’s important to consider the rules set forth by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which regulates the use of substances in competitive athletics.

Some of the research peptides that have been banned by WADA include [10]:

  • CJC-1295
  • Sermorelin
  • Tesamorelin
  • Ipamorelin

Prior to administering any research peptide to any competitive athlete, it is vital to check WADA’s Prohibited List as well as the rules and regulations of any other regulatory bodies governing the sport or competition of the athlete in question.

Where to Buy Peptides Online | Verdict

In this guide, we hope to shed some light on where to buy top-quality peptides online.

When purchasing research peptides, it’s important to seek out companies that offer a wide selection, pursue stringent in-house and/or third-party purity testing, and have flexible payment methods and shipping options.

We trust all of the peptide companies and brands on this list and highly recommend them to our esteemed readers.

This is sponsored content. M&F is not endorsing the websites or products listed in this article.

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