10 Health and Wellness Cyber Monday Offers to Look Out For

This Cyber Monday top health and fitness brands are getting ready to release some of the best deals around.

If you’ve been eagerly wanting to try a new fitness app or have been eyeing a piece of fitness equipment but didn’t want to empty your wallet, now’s your chance to get a steal!

From immune-boosting elderberry kits just in time for cold and flu season to a brand-new bench for your home gym, you don’t want to miss out on these fitness-focused deals!



From high-quality sneakers fit for every workout to cozy and stylish hoodies, Reebok has been an athlete favorite for decades. If your workout wardrobe needs some upgrades, Reebok is giving you 50 percent off sitewide so you can grab what you need and head to the gym!

The Deals:

Cyber Monday (11/27-30) – 50% Off Sitewide + 60% Off Sale (Code: CYBERMONDAY) at, Reebok

Whole by Love Elderberry Kits

elderberry Kit - Whole by Love copyLove

Boost your immunity this Winter with Whole by Love’s delicious cold-fighting elderberry syrup. Take it first thing in the morning for all-day protection or whenever you feel run down; your body will thank you.

The Deal: 25 percent off Elderberry kits and candles on Cyber Monday at, Whole by Love

Future Fitness App

The Future app uses a combination of technology, content, and elite personal trainers to empower users through fitness by helping them reach their goals one workout at a time. If you’re looking to better your health and strengthen your body, you’ll get 50 percent off your first month using Future.

The Deal: Get 50 percent off of your first month at, Future



Everything you need to get a killer workout is here. From weight plates to benches, and even sneakers, take your time browsing and have fun upgrading your fitness equipment. Rogue’s Hundo Pricing lowers the price per pound with more weight you purchase, this is a great chance to purchase heavier items like dumbbells.

The Deal: ‘Hundo” Pricing and 5 dollars off of shipping at, ROGUE



A yearly Whoop membership includes a Whoop wearable sensor and access to your health data in the Whoop app and track rack virtually every health metric possible; from blood oxygen and heart rate to daily steps taken, calories burned, and even your skin temperature. New users can get a year-long membership for $199 (normally $239) or a two-year membership for $349 (normally $399), plus take up to 30% off bands and up to 40% off apparel during Whoop’s Cyber Monday sale

The Deal: Get a year-long membership for $199.99, plus up to 30 percent off bands at, WHOOP



Customize your products, flavors, and ingredients while connecting with dieticians as you select the personalized health supplements your body needs. Don’t be afraid to stock up your shopping cart as Gainful is offering 30 percent of your total order this Cyber Monday!

The Deal: New customers get 30 percent off their total order at, Gainful

 Sweat Fitness App


Get ready to sweat with 50 unique training programs and more than 13,000 workouts designed by women, for women. You can choose to train at home or in the gym, with or without equipment, and if you’re short on time, there are plenty of ‘express’ workouts in the app as well.

The Deal: 50 percent off a lifetime of subscription fees at, Sweat



If you’ve always wanted a TRX system for your home now is the time to buy this space-saving unit designed to work your body from head-to-toe.

Right now, you can bundle and save 15%, and last year, customers were able to score nearly 30% off TRX suspension trainers during the Cyber Monday sale.

The Deal:  Bundle and save up to 15 percent on suspension trainers at, TRX

 REP Fitness

Rep FitnessRep Fitness

Whether you need equipment for your small home gym or a huge training facility, REP has you covered. From sandbags to racks, to benches, everything you need for an epic gym layout is here.

Cyber Monday, customers can save 10 percent on all weight benches, plus get discounts on other popular pieces of equipment.

The Deal: Receive 10 percent off weightlifting benches plus, save big on popular fitness equipment at, REP Fitness



Designed for optimum absorption, Ritual’s patented beadlet in oil technology combines oily and dry ingredients in one capsule allowing you to get key nutrients in two pills daily. From pregnancy to gut health to multivitamins, all of your nutrient needs can be met.

The Deal: Get 40 percent off your first month at, Ritual

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