Select to Conquer: Derek Moneyberg’s Mastery of Health and Funds

In any picture of Derek Moneyberg on the internet, he’s likely wearing his iconic “Choose to Conquer,” t-shirt featuring a gold coin with his face minted on it. In his most recent pictures, you’ll notice Derek’s physique filling out the shirt better than it ever has before. This progress indicates that Derek has chosen to conquer more than just his finances, but also his health.

While others were panicking during the pandemic, Derek profited. His income remained high because he was busy doing the three things he does best: investing in the stock market, investing in real estate, and teaching people how to improve their financial lives. Derek believes wealth is a lifestyle choice, and anyone who chooses to improve their skills and build their value can become a millionaire and beyond. While he led his workshops and helped his clients make better decisions, Derek also spent the last couple of years working on himself.

At his starting point, he was 300 pounds with 31% body fat, far from where he wanted to be. With good choices, eating changes, and a couple of years of hard work, he’s down to 9% body fat and he weighs in at 250 pounds. Much of that weight is muscle mass, which helps when he’s training MMA with his heavyweight training partners Chuck Liddell, Glover Teixeira, and Frank Mir. Derek’s physical transformation over the last two years is just as impressive as the financial transformations he has sparked for himself and his clients.

Spending time alone in a gym wouldn’t have been enough; Derek knows that working hard with limited guidance won’t lead to transformation. Elite coaching is the key to both physical and financial success. Derek sees the results of expert coaching every time he coaches a motivated business person to wealth, so he knew he needed to find top coaches to help him with his physical transformation. He turned to famed MMA masters Jake Shields and Claudia Gadelha, who became his primary trainers during his two-year body overhaul.

Even so, limited training has limited results. That’s also something Derek knows from his experience as a wealth coach. “Those who come for a moment,” Derek says, “and don’t take it seriously, just go back to their normal lives and let their hopes and dreams die.” But clients who go through all of Derek’s programs, show up consistently, and put in the work, go on to earn top-level results.

Derek takes his physical fitness with the same level of seriousness. In addition to Jake Shields and Claudia Gadelha, Derek has been coached by over a dozen martial arts champions, including household names from the UFC, like Tito Ortiz, Royce Gracie, Gilbert Burns, and Lyoto Machida. Long-term transformation won’t come if you’re dabbling or putting in an 80% effort. You have to put in 100% effort consistently to achieve lasting mastery.

Throughout his fitness journey, Derek has held himself to the same standards as he holds his clients to during his Moneyberg programs. He tells his clients, “I can help you accomplish more than you ever would by yourself, but I can’t be more serious about you accomplishing your goals than you are.” Derek strives to surround himself with the best people in every area of his life. He only works with coaches and clients who match his effort and drive. If you’re aiming to be among current and future champions, choose champions as your coaches, put in the work, and the results will show in your transformation.

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