Amazon's No. 1 Bestselling Ice Tub That is 'an Absolute Sport-Changer' Is Practically 50% Off Proper Now

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Temperatures might be dropping just ahead of winter but sore muscles pay no attention to time. That means recovery and relaxation need regular attention, and one of the best ways to provide that is with an at-home cold plunge. Though many styles range from $50 to north of $1,000, Amazon’s . 1 bestseller just got discounted by up to 47%.

Right now, the Susbie Icedoo Recovery Pod Ice Bath is on sale for as low as $85 for Prime members. It’s selling for $100—38% off the original price of $160, plus an additional on-page $15-off coupon. For non-Prime shoppers, it’s on sale for $130, plus that additional on-page coupon, for a total of $115.

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Susbie Icedoo Recovery Pod Ice Bath, From $85 (was $160) on Amazon

The Susbie Icedoo Recovery Pod Ice Bath

Courtesy of Amazon

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The Susbie Icedoo Recovery Pod Ice Bath is a portable, inflatable 85-gallon cold plunge tub that’s more spacious than it seems online. At 34 inches in diameter and 30 inches tall, this ice bath can accommodate people up to 6-foot-9, according to the brand. It’s made from multiple layers of polyester, nylon, and PVC on the outside and pearl cotton with a waterproof coating on the inside.

Reviews say it’s about as easy to assemble as a tent and includes a hand pump to help with inflation. In total, it takes less than 20 minutes to put together, minus filling it with water. Once filled with water and a few five-pound bags of ice, this foldable ice bath maintains its cold for up to four hours, which is far more than the 15-minute recommended plunge time, and is safe for outdoor use between 10 and 140 degrees. When you’re finished, use the provided lid to preserve the water for next time, or use the drain and hose to empty it and break it down for the day.

Ice baths and cold plunging aren’t just for locker rooms anymore—they’ve been heating up as a regular at-home practice with online searches skyrocketing since 2021. And for those with no underlying health conditions, there are real benefits as well, according to a Cleveland Clinic interview. Cold plunging has been found to ease sore muscles and lower body temperature after rigorous workouts, but it may also help you focus, promote better sleep, and even decrease inflammation.

There’s a reason this ice bath is the . 1 bestseller in its category on Amazon and holds a 4.7-star rating—shoppers love using it. “I recently purchased the Susbie 30-Inch Large Size Ice Bath Tub and it has been an absolute game-changer in my recovery routine,” one shopper said. “This has been instrumental in speeding up my recovery time post workouts, reducing muscle soreness, and enhancing my overall well-being.”

Despite its effectiveness with post-workout and sports recovery, it’s perfectly suitable for non-athletes who are looking for a way to refresh their bodies. “It has been a game-changer for my recovery and well-being,” one shopper said. “The experience of immersing myself in the ice bath is invigorating and leaves me feeling rejuvenated every time. It’s like a personal spa treatment at home…I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple and effective way to boost their physical and mental health.”

If you’ve been reading about ice baths and cold plunging and have been looking for the right model to have at home, the Susbie Icedoo Recovery Pod is one to consider because of its quality build, ease of assembly, and size. But this sub-$100 price won’t last forever. Take advantage of this deal while it’s up to 47% off to get the most value out of it.

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