Halo High is mixing health and enjoyable with athlete endorsement offers for 2024

January 12 is generally thought to be the date by which most people have already abandoned there new years’ resolutions. There’s a multitude of reasons as to why so many of us fail to live up the mantra of “new year, new me,” but for those that have realistic goals and still intend to boss 2024, there could genuinely be some cool rewards inside a pot of ice cream. Halo Top are offering endorsement deals for ten lucky individuals “who keep their new years resolutions.” Here’s the scoop on all you need to know.

Courtesy of Halo Top

Incredibly, is it understood that while almost half of Americans intend to start and keep a new years’ resolution, only around 9% make good on their hopes to be consistent with their plan according to research by Strava. One of the biggest reasons that we often fail to “become the best version of ourselves” is because we opt out of too many of the things that we enjoy, in the quest to reach our goals. Whether you hope to become stronger, faster, or lose weight, you need to be able to maintain your new, more active lifestyle in a sustainable way. This means finding a balance. Instead of quitting alcohol altogether, perhaps you could drink during fewer days of the week, or chooser a less strong alternative. For those with a sweet tooth, you could choose an ice cream such as Halo Top, which has less calories than the regular cold stuff.

“It’s pretty easy to get discouraged by New Years’ resolutions when they are too rigid or limiting,” says Ryan Roznowski who is the Director of Brand and Marketing at Halo Top. “But when there is a way to progress on our wellness journeys without having to cut out the things we love like ice cream sticking to New Year’s resolutions is something we can all pull off.”

With a multitude of flavors, a regular tub of Halo Top contains around 330 calories and there are low carb options too. In August 2017, Halo Top became the best-selling ice cream in the U.S., disrupting the market share that had been held by the industry giants. It was also hailed by Time Magazine as one of the top innovations in that same year.

To make the act of keeping your 2024 new years’ resolutions all the sweeter, Halo Top is building a team of “Halo Top Athletes”, offering you a $5K endorsement deal and including ice cream (of course!), exclusive swag, a series of 1:1 coaching sessions, and even your very

own talent manager. Selected Halo Top Athletes will share their progress online, illustrating how they are sticking to their resolutions and inspiring others to do the same. From hitting PR’s in the weight room, to running that first marathon, anyone interested in joining the new Halo Top Athletes team can click here and apply by sharing their 2024 fitness or wellness goals. Everyone who is keeping their new years’ resolution, is a legal resident of the 50 United States and District of Columbia, and is 18 years of age or older, is eligible to get involved. Applications are open now until January 20, and the final roster of Halo Top Athletes will be announced February 20.

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