The Greatest Nike Males’s Shorts Are As much as 57% Off Proper Now—however Sizes Are Going Quick

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Guys all around the world trust Nike men’s shorts to help them smash their fitness goals and power through workouts. It’s easy to see why: The Swoosh makes men’s shorts for all kinds of activities and athletes, from basketball players hustling up and down the hardwood to trail runners exploring mountain paths. matter what “working out” looks like to you, Nike shorts can keep you comfortable and help you push forward. And now’s a great time to nab a pair or two: Nike has a variety of men’s workout shorts on sale.

Ready to shop? See our top picks for Nike men’s shorts on sale now, and scroll down to get a crash course in choosing the right shorts for your needs.

Best Overall Nike Men's Shorts: Nike Dri-FIT ADV A.P.S. Men's 6-inch Unlined Versatile Shorts

Nike Shorts Dri-FIT: Nike Dri-FIT ADV A.P.S. Men's 6-inch Unlined Versatile Shorts

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Nike’s Dri-FIT fabric is renowned for its ability to wick sweat and keep you comfortable during intense workouts. While many of the brand’s shorts utilize the material, A.P.S. Men's 6-inch Unlined Versatile Shorts is a stellar choice thanks to its lightweight and versatile design. They’re made with Dri-FIT ADV, Nike’s latest evolution of Dri-FIT technology, and the breezy knit fabric is engineered to stretch, so it won’t restrict your movement. The six-inch inseam length is ideal for all kinds of activities, from running to lifting in the gym, and it features several pockets (including two zippered side pockets) to keep all your essentials on lockdown.

$66.97 (Was $110) at Nike

Best Nike Shorts 5-Inch: Nike Unlimited Men's Dri-FIT 5-Inch Unlined Versatile Shorts

Nike Unlimited Men's Dri-FIT 5-Inch Unlined Versatile Shorts

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Available at up to 56 percent off in select colorways, Nike Unlimited Men's Dri-FIT 5-Inch Unlined Versatile Shorts are an absolute steal—grab a few pairs, and you’ll have a totally revamped workout wardrobe. They have all the performance features you need for yoga, gym workouts, running, and more. The Dri-FIT fabric moves sweat vapor away from your skin, the stretch-woven construction creates plenty of give for squats or challenging poses, and the drawcord waistband keeps everything in place when you really start hauling. Bonus: Nike sells them in a kaleidoscope of eye-catching colors.

$25.97 (was $60) at Nike

Best Nike Woven Shorts Men's: Nike Club Men's Woven Washed Flow Shorts

Nike Club Men's Woven Washed Flow Shorts

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Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon rule when it comes to performance apparel, but for more laid-back pursuits, you can’t beat the cozy feel of cotton. The Nike Club Woven Washed Flow Shorts serve up comfort and style in equal measure: They’re made with a cotton canvas fabric that’s washed for a subtle texture and a cool lived-in look, and the elastic drawcord waistband delivers a snug fit for all-day wear. Plus, you can get these in a variety of mellow pastel colorways.

$40.97 (was $70) at Nike

Nike Club Fleece Men's Shorts

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Best Nike Fleece Shorts: Nike Club Fleece Men's Shorts

When you’re planning to be couch-locked for a few hours, pull on Nike Club Fleece Men's Shorts. The cotton-polyester fleece fabric is crafted for maximum plushness, and the shorts’ longer inseam length (they hit just above the knee) and roomy silhouette give you a generous, comfy fit. Side hand pockets and a back pocket ensure you never lose track of your phone, keys...or TV remote.

$35.97 (Was $55) at Nike

Best Nike Basketball Shorts: Nike Dri-FIT DNA+ Men's 8-Inch Basketball Shorts

Nike Dri-FIT DNA+ Men's 8-Inch Basketball Shorts

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Nike has tons of options for basketball shorts, but Nike Dri-FIT DNA+ Men's 8-Inch Basketball Shorts stand out as an incredible bargain: Some colorways are on sale for 56 percent off. The eight-inch inseam provides plenty of length, especially for taller guys, and the lightweight double-knit Dri-FIT fabric dumps heat, so you can focus on your game without distractions. It also has some off-court utility: A built-in zippered pocket (inside the right-hand pocket) can securely store your phone.

$25.97 (was $60) at Nike

Best Nike Men's Running Shorts: Flex Stride Men's 5-Inch 2-in-1 Running Shorts

Flex Stride Men's 5-inch 2-In-1 Running Shorts

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Flex Stride Men's 5-inch 2-In-1 Running Shorts are a favorite among runners on Reddit because they breathe well and dry quickly, and this 2-in-1 version ups the ante with a built-in liner, so you don’t have to worry about tracking down a pair of moisture-wicking underwear before your run. The liner is molded for a supportive, chafe-free fit, and these shorts have a wealth of pockets, including a zippered pocket on the back of the waistband for toting a phone. The five-inch inseam strikes an ideal balance between coverage and ease of movement—these shorts won’t get in your way, even during fast-paced efforts.

$33.97 (was $55) at Nike

Best Nike Soccer Shorts: Nike Dri-FIT Strike Men's Soccer Shorts

Nike Dri-FIT Strike Men's Soccer Shorts

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Whether it's practice or gameday, the Nike Dri-FIT Strike will help you bring your best to the field. The Dri-FIT fabric and built-in mesh side panels vent heat and sweat vapor away from your legs, keeping you cool and comfortable. Nike paid close attention to the fit and feel of these shorts. They have a streamlined shape that reduces excess bulk, and the Dri-FIT fabric has a knit construction with built-in stretch, so the shorts won’t restrict your movement, even when you’re sprinting, dribbling, or kicking.

$33.97 (was $45) at Nike

Best Nike Tennis Shorts: Rafa Men's Nike Dri-FIT ADV 7-Inch Tennis Shorts

Rafa Men's Nike Dri-FIT ADV 7-inch Tennis Shorts

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Nike named Rafa Men's Nike Dri-FIT ADV 7-inch Tennis Shorts after Spanish tennis phenom Rafael Nadal, and they were designed with insights from the pro himself. The brand’s top-tier Dri-FIT ADV tech wicks sweat, and the shorts’ breezy polyester-elastane woven fabric flexes with your movements, so it won’t pinch or restrict as you sprint, dive, and lunge around the court. Nike also included some helpful extras: Perforations near the waistband and on the gusset dump excess heat, and angled pleats below the pockets expand to securely hold tennis balls while you play.

$48.97 (Was $80) at Nike

Nike Unlimited Men's Dri-FIT 7-Inch Unlined Versatile Shorts

Nike Unlimited Men's Dri-FIT 7-inch Unlined Versatile Shorts

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For bigger guys, finding shorts that fit well and are built for workouts can be a challenge. Nike Unlimited Men's Dri-FIT 7-inch Unlined Versatile Shorts check both boxes, and they’re affordable: Up to 56 percent off in select colorways. The shorts are sold in a generous range of sizes up to 4XL, and no matter which option you choose, you’ll get everything you need to power through your next workout: moisture-wicking, four-way stretch woven fabric, a zippered phone pocket at the back, and a drawcord waistband for a no-slip fit. 

$25.97 (was $60) at Nike

Best Nike Hiking Shorts: Nike Trail Second Sunrise Men's Dri-FIT 7-Inch Brief-Lined Running Shorts

Nike Trail Second Sunrise Men's Dri-FIT 7-Inch Brief-Lined Running Shorts

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Nike designed its Trail Second Sunrise Men's Dri-FIT 7-Inch Brief-Lined Running Shorts for trail running, but they’re a great choice for all kinds of trail-based pursuits, including hiking. The woven fabric is made with 20 percent elastane, so the shorts have lots of stretch and offer excellent freedom of movement. The included mesh liner wicks moisture, keeping you comfortable on long treks, and seven pockets—drop-in waistband pockets, side pockets, zippered hand pockets, and a back pocket—give you a place to store small gear items, hydration gels, and accessories.

$31.97 (was $75) at Nike

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What to Look for When Shopping for Nike Men’s Shorts

To choose the right pair of shorts, consider a few key factors: length, material, pockets, and liners.


The length, also known as the inseam, refers to how long a pair of shorts are, as measured from the crotch to the leg opening. Length is a matter of personal preference, and also depends on the activities you plan to do in your shorts. An inseam length of five to seven inches is a smart choice for all kinds of workouts, but it’s especially good for running and running-heavy sports like tennis and soccer. Shorts of this length cover your thighs but still end well above the knee, so they won’t flap around too much while moving. The shorter length also minimizes bulk.

Some lifters prefer longer inseams of seven inches or more—the added length ensures you get thigh coverage even when doing squats. Basketball shorts generally have longer inseams, like eight or nine inches, and these lengths are ideal for taller guys who need more leg coverage.


In the world of athletic shorts, synthetic fabrics rule. Polyester and elastane (also known as spandex) are two of the most common. Polyester is highly breathable and doesn’t absorb water. Instead of soaking up sweat and weighing you down, it stays lightweight and vents sweat vapor, which helps you stay cool. Elastane is stretchy, so it moves with your body as you run, jump, and lunge. Polyester and elastane are usually blended together into one performance fabric. Nike’s version of this blend is called Dri-FIT, and it’s used in almost all the shorts below. (The exception is the cotton-based Flow Shorts, which are designed for casual wear.)

Pockets and Liners

Consider your storage needs when shopping for shorts. If you’re a runner, for example, you’ll appreciate having a zippered pocket to store your phone or a house key. For off-grid trekking, a pair of shorts with lots of pockets, like the Second Sunrise, makes it easy to carry all of your small gear items and accessories.

Finally, consider whether you want shorts with or without a built-in liner. These liners are made with an elastic, moisture-wicking fabric for a snug next-to-skin fit. Lined shorts offer a supportive feel, and you don’t have to worry about packing a separate pair of workout underwear when you go to the gym. Unlined shorts, on the other hand, are lighter because they have less material. There’s no right or wrong choice in the lined vs. unlined debate—go with what feels best for you. There’s a mix of lined and unlined options in this guide.

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