Find out how to Use Anal Beads Alone or With a Accomplice

The beauty of sexual pleasure is how customizable it is—how many different sex positions and accessories exist to increase pleasure for every preference. Anal beads are one of the best sex toys for men to enhance an orgasm by way of prostate stimulation.

“The prostate is basically the male version of the G-spot, which means you can arrive at some pretty intense orgasms by pleasuring your body internally as well as your penis,” says, Angie Rowntree, founder and director of, the premier destination for sex-positive, ethical porn made from a woman's point of view.

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What Are Anal Beads?

Reflecting their name, anal beads are a series of multiple balls set on a string, stick, or wand that are designed to be easily inserted and removed from the anus. They vary in size, shape, weight, material, and sometimes even vibrate—all to stimulate the nerve endings in and around the anus. You want anal beads that have a stopper at the end. Most have a ring or a flared base to prevent the toy from getting lost or stuck.

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Unlike an anal plug, whose purpose is to provide a sensation of fullness or even pressure, anal beads create pleasure in this erogenous zone by movement (aka putting in and taking out).

Just like other sex toys, anal beads can be used in both partner and solo sex for an intense orgasm with some novelty. That said, anal beads have a learning curve and some safeguards you need to know.

Best Vibrating Anal Beads for Solo Play: Lovehoney Ignite Silicone Anal Beads 5-Inch

Lovehoney Ignite Silicone Anal Beads 5-Inch

Courtesy Image

Lovehoney Ignite Silicone Anal Beads 5-Inch offers a flared base for an alternative to the ring, which can sometimes be easier to grip. The reverse-tapered beads stimulate different nerves in the anus at varying degrees of pressure, allowing for an intense orgasm.

$20 at Lovehoney

Best Vibrating Anal Beads for Couples: Adam & Eve Vibrating Anal Power Beads

Adam & Eve Vibrating Anal Power Beads

Courtesy Image

Adam & Eve Vibrating Anal Power Beads come with high praise from BIPOC sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexpert for Lovers, a sexual wellness brand and retailer. “The vibrations add more to the sensation," she says. “This can really help with extended and even multiple orgasms for folks.” The tapered tip also makes it more comfortable to ease in.

$25 at Adam & Eve

Best Anal Beads for Beginners: Lovers Booty Pop Anal Beads

Lovers Booty Pop Anal Beads

Courtesy Image

Lovers Booty Pop Anal Beads are made from “velvet-soft silicone and are nice and small for easy insertion,” says Stewart. They have a retrieval loop so you can use your finger to anchor it and pull it out. Stewart reminds to use water-based lube with these beads since using silicone on silicone can disintegrate the toy.

$12.50 at Lovers

Best PVC Anal Beads: Basics Anal Beads 6-Inch


Courtesy Image

BASICS PVC Anal Beads are another option for simple exploration or first-time users, advises Rowntree. “They come in either 5-, 6-, or 8-inch lengths, and there’s an easy-to-reach finger loop; gently graduated sizes of beads let you play at any pace,” she says. Stewart adds: "The progression in size makes the play exciting by providing more and more fullness." On the point of lube, users would want to use water-based lube on these as well. 

$10 at Lovehoney

Best Discreet Anal Beads: CalExotics Power Balls Anal Beads

CalExotics Power Balls Anal Beads is among the best discreet anal beads for solo or partner play.

Courtesy Image

Cal Exotics ‘Power Balls’ are for “discreet fun that give you some deep internal sensations,” says Rowntree. These are great for travel since they take up negligible space in a carry-on.

$23 at Amazon

Best Anal Beads for Experienced Users: Njoy Fun Wand Double Ended Stainless Steel Dildo

Njoy Fun Wand Double Ended Stainless Steel Dildo

Courtesy Image

Njoy Fun Wand Double Ended Stainless Steel Dildo is ideal for those “ready to graduate to some new sensations,” says Rowntree. It’s a multi-use toy that gives you 1", 0.75", and 1" graduated bulbs on one end, and a perfectly curved shaft on the other. “You can change up your decided modality of penetration to maximize prostate stimulation and enjoy the sensation of heavier weight, too, thanks to the material,” Rowntree adds.

$76 at Amazon

What to Know Before You Use Anal Beads

According to Rowntree, there are three important rules to using anal beads: lube, safety, and hygiene.

1. Use Plenty of Lube

“Lube up, and use more than you think you need for optimum experience,” says Rowntree, who explains that lube ensures your comfort and pleasure, but also helps prevent injury, like small fissures in the sensitive tissue lining the rectum.

The type of lube matters. A lot of anal beads are made from silicone, so using a silicone-based lube is a no-no. Over time, the silicone lube will break down the sex toy. Instead, opt for a water-based lube or a silicone-based lube for prolonged lubrication and added comfort during anal play.

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2. Only Use Sex Toys Designated for Anal Play

“Only use sex toys that are designated for the purpose of anal play," Rowntree stresses. "If it doesn't have a flared base or a ring on the end to allow you to easily pull it out, don't put it in your butt.”

In case it isn’t obvious from this warning, Rowntree adds, “don’t even think about improvising with actual strands of plastic beads instead of real anal beads.” Improperly used toys can and will get stuck, says Rowntree.

When just starting out with anal beads, opt for silicone beads that are small in size.

3. Wash Your Anal Beads After Every Use

Regarding hygiene, this is critical for any sex toy: Wash and disinfect them thoroughly every time after use.

“Absolutely never use a toy that's been in the anal cavity in the vagina,” says Rowntree. This can cause severe infection for the vulva-owner.

Lovehoney Ignite Silicone Anal Beads 5-Inch and Lovers Booty Pop Anal Beads

Courtesy Images

How to Use Anal Beads: Best Sex Positions for Anal Play

You can use anal beads by yourself or with a partner. Regardless, take time to get aroused before insertion, make sure your anus is relaxed, and use plenty of lube. This will make it much more comfortable.  

For beginners, using anal beads with a partner can be especially helpful as they can help you with gentle insertion.

“Explore your body together,” says Stewart.

Folded missionary or knees to chest are a good sex position for anal beads

Katie Buckleitner

Folded Missionary: Partner Play

How to Do It

  1. The receiving partner lies on their back and brings their knees to chest. If the anal beads are being used for foreplay and not during intercourse, the giver can kneel before the receiver and slowly insert the beads.
  2. To use the beads during intercourse: The receiving partner raises their legs off the bed so the penetrative partner can position themself on top, planting their hands on either side of the vulva-owner's torso. 
  3. The receiving partner can lift their hips up and rest their legs against their partner's upper body and shoulders. 
  4. The penetrative partner's arms and shoulders hold the vulva-owner's legs in place to limit shifting with each thrust. Just before climax, the penetrative partner can reach a hand down to gently pull the beads out for a stronger orgasm.

Knees to Chest: Solo Play

How to Do It

  1. Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest.
  2. Arouse yourself and stimulate your anus by using a lubed finger.
  3. Holding the loop at the end (or the base), slowly insert the first bead. If it's painful, stop and increase your arousal before continuing.
  4. ‍Move it around to see what sensations feel good: Go in a circular motion or in and out, playing with speed. You can even gently pull the first bead out, then push it back in before adding more beads.
  5. Rowntree suggests positioning a mirror nearby not only for practicality sake, but it can be hot to watch.

Doggy style offers plenty of access to bring anal beads into the action.

Katie Buckleitner

Doggy Style: Partner Play

How to Do It

  1. The receiving partner arranges themself on all fours while the penetrating partner kneels behind them. 
  2. For extra support, the penetrating partner can place their hands on their partner’s hips.
  3. While engaging in penile-vaginal intercourse, the penetrative partner can insert the anal beads and remove them when the vulva-owner nears climax.

All Fours: Solo Play

How to Do It

  1. Come on all fours, which is the most popular way to stimulate the prostate. 
  2. From here, reach around to insert the beads.
  3. If you're struggling with mobility and flexibility, Rowntree suggests putting one foot on a chair and gently easing the beads inside from below.

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What If I Try Anal Beads and Don’t Like them?

There are two answers to this. The first is, “Don't give up after one shot!" Stewart says. "Getting used to them takes some time, so make sure you practice and play with them often so your body can get used to the sensations and how it will fit into your orgasm quest.”

However, if you’ve completely ruled out that anal beads aren’t adding to your pleasure, that's ok. “As with all other sex acts, not everyone enjoys anal play, so don't feel pressured and definitely don’t shame your partner if they aren’t sure,” Rowntree adds.

Lastly, Rowntree concludes, “Stop worrying about whether liking anal play makes you anything other than an adult human who wants to experience pleasure, period.”

Meet the Experts

  • Angie Rowntree, founder and director of, the premier destination for sex-positive, ethical porn made from a woman's point of view.
  • BIPOC sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexpert for Lovers sexual wellness brand and retailer.

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