Edgard John-Augustin is Prepping for His Most Essential Yr in Bodybuilding

Edgard John-Augustin may have lost his legs in a tragic car accident as a child, but he’s never let his physical limitations define him. Those familiar with the inspiring story of the “Bionic Body” will know that he’s defied the odds to become a successful bodybuilder, even fronting his own show in France, but with a new clothing line and huge plans for 2024, this hero is proving that he’s only just getting started. M&F wanted to catch up with the man himself to learn more.

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“I will start my new prep in three weeks and I am so excited about it,” says John-Augustin of the year ahead. “If everything goes well, I will step on stage for the Toronto Pro Show, Dubai Pro Show, and Portugal Pro Show.” The man they call the “Bionic Body” captured many peoples’ heart’s in 2015 when he stepped on stage among able bodied bodybuilders and wowed the audience with his hard-earned physique. While he wasn’t officially judged that night, the gutsy performance led to an invite to participate in the Wheelchair Bodybuilding Championship held in Spain, where he cemented himself as one of the industry’s most inspirational figures by taking home first place.

w, he is a regular contender on the IFBB circuit, placing fourth in the Men’s Classic Physique division at the 2023 Toronto Pro Supershow.  And, it’s not just his stage presence that influences fans and other bodybuilders alike. Fitness friendly brands such as BoohooMAN have also relied on him for his style for quite some time. “I have worked with boohooMAN for over five years,” says the warrior. “I love the fact that they always renew the collections and their prices are affordable.” One of those renewed collections is the Bionic Body activewear collaboration and includes innovative dark camouflage designs along with staple features like breathability and flexible fabrics.

Edgard John-Augustin announces Bionic Body Classic Grand Prix for 2024

“One of my biggest goals for 2024 is to organize my 4th competition in France; the Bionic Body Classic,” says John-Augustin. “It will take place in France, in September 2024, and for the first time, it will be a Grand Prix, not related to any federation. Brands can contact me if they want to be part of this project!” And, while the Bionic Body has his sights set on staging his biggest competition yet in this year, he’s also still very much in competing mode too. “To be honest, I enjoyed this last prep,” he says of last year’s impressive showing. “I enjoyed the fact that I kept my energy until the end. I started the prep with low body fat, so I didn’t have to cut calories too drastically, which is why it’s so important to have a quality off-season.”

Of course, rising to any challenge has become the calling card of this fighting Frenchman. “All my life, I experienced the fact that nothing comes without hard work and dedication,” he tells M&F. “From my childhood to my teenage years to my adult life, I went through many challenges that made me the man, the father, the husband, and the bodybuilder I am today.” w that’s bionic!

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