Alexander Volkanovski Laughs at UFC’s ‘Over 35 Curse’ Previous to UFC 298

Alexander Volkanovski will engage in some serious business when he steps inside the Octagon to defend his featherweight title at UFC 298 on Saturday, Feb. 17, in Anaheim, CA, but when it comes to the statistical “curse” of fighters who are over 35, the Australian has struck back with a hilarious skit for Sports Bet, and he’s earned countless new fans in the process.

Is Alexander Volkanovski too old for the UFC?

Statistically, the odds are against 35-year-old Volkanovski. The Independent reports that if you tallied up all the past UFC title fights from every division for both men and women, the combined defence record for those over 35 stands at 4 wins, 33 losses, and 1 draw. Those stats have been improving in recent years, however. Before 2017, no one over 35 had defended a title.

In the years since, Tyron Woodley, Raquel Pennington, and Amanda Nunes have bucked the trend. In the main event of UFC 298, Volkanovski hopes to join this elite group when he battles the unbeaten Llia Topuria, who is 27 years of age. Still, if Volkanovski is rattled by the “curse,” he’s certainly not showing it. The champ took to social media in the run up to the fight with this hilarious skit, made with, to laugh in the face of his critics.

Alex Volkanovski Says He’s t Too Old for the UFC In Hilarious Fashion

“They’ll make a headline out of anything these days, uh?” questions the featherweight champion in a video released to prove that he is self-confident enough to poke his own fun at being over 35. The fighter is seen reading a newspaper, complete with flat cap and glasses. He also takes up gardening and gets into a petty dispute with his neighbor. “Run back to your silly little hexagon,” shouts the disgruntled lady.

“I’ve let the Sports Bet crew in, to prove I’m just as useful as these whipper snaps,” explains Volkanovski, making sure that the production team removes their shoes before entering his house. Instead of showing the crew his agility or speed in training, the man from Wollongong opts to chop vegetables instead and, at one point, he’s almost caught up in a phone scam. But if you were worried that he’s not taking things seriously enough, you may be relieved to see Volkanovski checking out his opponent on his trusty VHS. Well, until that is until it reaches the point where he’s accidentally recorded King Charles’ coronation over the fight footage. “I still don’t get these hot takes on my age though,” laments Volkanovski. “I will still fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. Maybe not in tomato season or after 11pm.” he qualifies.

For anyone wondering how the champ is dealing with ageism on social media (or MSM), you will be pleased to know that he can write those ‘scallywags’ a scorching rebuttal on his typewriter. Of course, Volkanovski is really in training camp, getting ready for the fight of his life, but we salute his sense of humor and when it comes to making us laugh, he’s already a winner!

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