5 Methods Francis Ngannou is Coaching Sensible for his Showdown with AJ

Francis Ngannou hasn’t wasted anytime getting prepped for his boxing showdown with former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, as his head trainer, Dewey Cooper explained to M&F after the fight’s press conference in London. Team Ngannou headed straight to Saudi Arabia as soon as media duties were over and now, just weeks out from the most important fight of his life, “The Predator” is giving us an inside look, via his Instagram account, at the ways in which he’s training smart for success, and it looks like he’s in epic shape.

Ngannou shocked boxing experts when he was able to go toe-to-toe with the Lineal and WBC champ, Tyson Fury, narrowly missing out on victory thanks to a controversial split decision. He’s now readying for his second outing in the boxing ring, and this time Ngannou will need to prove that his first successful performance wasn’t a one-off, when he takes on AJ at “Knockout Chaos” on March 8, in Riyadh. In addition to those boxing camp staples such as shadow boxing and sparring with human opponents, the former UFC champion, now ranked #10 in world boxing, is working on some innovative methods to be his best possible self when he squared up against Joshua.


5 Ways Francis Ngannou Trains For A Fight


Stretching is often the most neglected aspect of working out, but not for “The Predator,” who has been seen limbering up with moves such as the standing leg stretch. This movement is great for improving hamstring flexibility, increasing hip flexor movement, improving lower back flexibility, and gaining better balance, all while stimulating the blood to flow ahead of his all-in workouts.

Francis Ngannou training with a row machine before a fight@francisngannou/Instagram


Proving that he is a fighter than can go the distance, the MMA-fighter-turned-boxer, understands that cardiovascular conditioning is key. Rowing is a time efficient form of exercise because it will allow Ngannou to achieve a high level of intensity, perhaps even with interval training, before moving on to other aspects of his workout such as building muscle.

Francis Ngannou using a push pull sled to train for a fight@francisngannou/Instagram

Weighted Sled

Francis Ngannou is utilizing the weighted sled, both forwards and backwards, to build muscle and stamina as he prepares to take it to his more experienced opponent in less than a months’ time. Boxing relies heavily on leg strength in order to keep a fighter both stable and mobile. Enhancing leg strength with heavy sled movements will give Ngannou a solid foundation to generate power and execute his jaw-breaking punches with force and agility. Weighted sled exercises are also relatively low impact for the joints, maintaining his potential to give everything he has when stepping into the ring against AJ.

Francis Ngannou performing a battle rope workout@francisngannou/Instagram


Before he steps between the ropes in Riyadh, this powerhouse is executing CrossFit style ropework in order to improve a myriad of all-important details, such as his footwork and coordination, timing and rhythm, and his mental focus and endurance. The repetitive arm and shoulder movements required here will also contribute to increased strength and endurance around those muscle groups, meaning that his punching power could be more devastating than ever when the bell rings.

Francis Ngannou playing soccer in the goalie position@francisngannou/Instagram


While the heavyweight has set a goal to climb to the top of the boxing world, he’s also taking time out for fun exercises such as goalkeeping on the soccer field. While this is a fun way to get moving, being a goalkeeper is also an awesome way to work on hand strength and conditioning, not to mention sharpening ones’ focus and concentration. Goalies must have great spatial awareness, and this is something that is just as important in a boxing ring.

With a 360-degree training plan like Ngannou’s, there could be some “Knockout Chaos” on March 8. Follow The Predators progress at https://www.instagram.com/francisngannou

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