The 10 Greatest At-Residence Infrared Saunas of 2024

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Infrared saunas have become very popular in recent decades and for good reason. While traditional saunas are known for their health benefits, infrared saunas may improve heart health, soothe sore muscles, offer pain relief, help you sleep better, improve your immune system, and more, according to the Cleveland Clinic. In this piece, we explore our top picks for the best at-home infrared saunas of 2024.

Infrared saunas also use a lower level of heat to achieve maximum benefits, warming to around 110 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Traditional saunas, on the other hand, require a temperature range that can be difficult for some people to handle. In addition, infrared saunas are able to heat the body more directly using full-spectrum infrared heaters.

Home infrared saunas are appealing to anyone who has ever reaped the benefits of an infrared sauna, but there are a lot on the market, making it hard to figure out what picks are best. That’s why we did the work for you: Here are the very best in-home infrared saunas available right now, based on your needs. 

Best Overall: Equinox 2-Person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna, $6,299 (was $6,999) at Sun Home Saunas

Courtesy of Sun Home Saunas


For a compact infrared sauna that you’ll want to use every single day, look no further than the Sun Home Equinox Two-Person Infrared Sauna. Leading the industry in terms of engineering, design, and performance, this sauna uses advanced full-spectrum heating to supply near-, mid-, and far-infrared wavelengths.

Designed with EMF/ELF-blocking technology and third-party tested, this sauna uses Celliant, a textile technology that works to convert your body’s heat into infrared energy. Made of eco-friendly and non-toxic wood, there’s a lot to love about the Equinox two-person infrared sauna. 

Best Outdoor Infrared Sauna: Luminar Outdoor 5-Person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna, $9,099 (was $9,799) at Sun Home Saunas

Courtesy of Sun Home Saunas


If you have a decent amount of outdoor space and know people who love to sauna bathe, the Luminar, which is the only outdoor sauna in the world with 10 full-spectrum infrared heaters (near, mid and far) is a great pick. This smart sauna uses heat-treated carbonized wood to maintain optimal outdoor temperatures and boasts a spacious design.

In addition to being weather-resistant and using 15 total heaters (10 of which are full-spectrum infrared), this spacious sauna features an app-enabled control center, Bluetooth premium surround sound, medical-grade chromotherapy, and more. 

Best Budget-Friendly Infrared Sauna: Elibbren Single Person Infrared Sauna, $1,366 (was $4,748) at Wayfair

Courtesy of Wayfair


This indoor infrared sauna, made with solid hemlock wood, will make an excellent addition to your home. Standing 61.4-inches high and 35-inches wide, this sauna will nestle perfectly into that unused corner of your house while providing optimal relaxation.

With a tempered glass door and comfortable bench, this sauna uses a built-in carbon heating plate, LED lighting and Bluetooth compatibility. 

Best Portable Infrared Sauna: Luminati Infrared Sauna, $3,510 (was $3,900) at Sauna Space

Courtesy of Sauna Space


For a lightweight and compact infrared sauna option, the Luminati is a great choice. With tool-free assembly and a compact, portable design, this sauna uses a hand-blown infrared bulb to create full-spectrum infrared therapy without the use of EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

This sauna comes with a machine-washable cover and is wheelchair accessible, making it ideal for anyone who travels a lot or is low on space. 

Best Personal Sauna: Solstice 1-Person Infrared Sauna, $4,799 (was $5,299) at Sun Home Saunas

Courtesy of Sun Home Saunas


Whether you’re low on space or just want to keep your sauna to yourself, this model uses gentle and effective infrared heat to relax and heal your body, improve your immune system, increase blood circulation, and the list goes on.

Equipped with ultra-low EMF heaters that surround the entire cabin, medical-grade chromotherapy, ergonomic benches, and Bluetooth surround sound, this is the perfect infrared sauna for anyone who doesn’t want to take up too much space. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Best Ceramic Infrared Sauna: HeatWave BSA-2406 2-Person Deluxe Ceramic Infrared Sauna, $2,388 (was $2,600) at Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon


This best two-person sauna features perfectly positioned far-infrared heaters, an integrated audio system, and a Canadian Hemlock construction for durability. Amazon users say it’s easy to assemble, and it comes with a seven-year warranty.

Best Foldable Sauna: Foldaway Sauna, $1,095 at UltraLux

Courtesy of UltraLux


Make your infrared sauna experience extra compact with this foldable model, which will, believe it or not, heat up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 minutes (but note that optimal infrared temperatures are between 120 and 150 degrees!).

This sauna comes with microfiber neck support and a bamboo chair, making it an extremely relaxing, restorative, and convenient item for your home. 

Best Indoor Sauna: Xspracer Moray 1-Person Indoor Sauna, $1919 (was $5,529) at Home Depot

Courtesy of Home Depot


Made with a built-in crystal carbon heating board and gentle infrared heat, this one-person indoor infrared sauna will make a great addition to your home. It's built with high-quality, natural Finland spruce wood and comes equipped with two high-quality speakers for the ultimate bathing experience. 

Best Unique Design: SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa, $214 (was $224) at Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon


If you want to get all the benefits of an infrared sauna while keeping your head out of it, SereneLife’s unique one-person sauna is an excellent choice.

You can literally pop your head out of this indoor sauna kit and read a book or magazine while your body reaps all the relaxing advantages of infrared heat. This portable sauna includes a chair and temperature controller for a low-maintenance, rejuvenating infrared experience.

Best Convenient Choice: Infrared Blanket, $499 at Sun Home Saunas

Courtesy of Sun Home Saunas


If you’re not quite sure you want a full-blown infrared sauna, opt for a blanket. Sun Home’s infrared sauna blanket is the world’s no. 1 one model, the best affordable sauna, and a low-risk way to reap the benefits of infrared technology.

Also the best at-home portable sauna, this infrared sauna blanket is easy to clean, uses nontoxic fabric, and will leave you feeling refreshed. There are tons of infrared sauna options on the market. Whether you’re working with a lot of space and a big budget or no space at all and a low budget, there’s something for everyone.


What to Consider When Looking for the Best Home Sauna

When looking for a home sauna, you’ll want to take several factors into account. First, are you looking for an infrared or traditional sauna? Both are popular but have different benefits. Next, how much space do you have for a sauna? Think about whether you have a big backyard where a sauna will easily fit, or if you’re working with a much smaller space. You should also consider whether you like to sauna bathe on your own or with others.

You’ll also want to consider material: Do you want something lightweight, or will a heavier model work for you? Do you want a nontoxic wood? It’s also important to pay attention to whether saunas are made for indoor or outdoor use, as that’s not always obvious unless you read the product description carefully. If opting for an outdoor sauna, you’ll want to make sure the material is weather-resistant.

Finally, some saunas come equipped with higher-tech features such as Bluetooth surround sound or app controllers, while others are more basic—so before making a purchase, decide what works best for you.

What’s Better: Infrared or Traditional Saunas?

Infrared saunas have often been considered “better” in recent years. However, the answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for in a sauna. Infrared heat lamps penetrate the skin directly, and some research has found that infrared saunas can help with pain, poor mental health, and sore and tired muscles.

Infrared saunas are also known for supporting the immune system and improving sleep. While some say infrared saunas can be detoxifying, more research is needed on this topic.

Traditional saunas, which were first invented in Finland (and are still very popular there!), have been around for thousands of years. A 2018 review of the evidence found that regularly spending time in a sauna can benefit heart health and improve mental cognition. And like infrared saunas, traditional saunas may have immune system benefits.

What Are the Benefits of a Home Sauna?

The biggest benefit of a home sauna is that you can reap the benefits anytime you want. If you purchase a sauna that can fit more than one person in it, it can also be a relaxing activity for you to do with friends or family members. And, depending on how often you use it, having a home sauna could save you money (and definitely time) in the long run.

What Is the Healthiest Form of Sauna?

Infrared and traditional saunas are both known as the best saunas for health. If you’re looking to loosen up sore muscles and improve mental health, a modern infrared sauna might be a solid pick. If you want a more classic sauna bathing experience, a traditional sauna is probably the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Embarking on a journey to select the ideal at-home infrared sauna is a testament to your commitment to wellness and self-care. Our 10 best at-home infrared saunas of 2024 is more than just a list; it's a gateway to transforming your home into a personal sanctuary of health and relaxation.

If you have any questions while deciding on the perfect match for your lifestyle, the experts at Sun Home Saunas can guide you through every step and offer personalized advice based on your unique needs and preferences. You can contact them here.

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