6 Issues You Ought to Know About PERFORMIX® Supercharged Restoration

Comprehensive Muscle Support: Supercharged Recovery includes OCEANIX™ to support power and endurance, alongside CARNIPURE® L-Carnitine to aid muscle recovery and reduce soreness.


Antioxidant Rich: CherryPURE™, derived from Montmorency tart cherries, delivers a blend of antioxidants, which may help expedite recovery efforts.


Inflammation Reduction: Features vaSol® curcumin, known for its fast absorption and improved bioavailability, which is associated with reducing exercise-induced inflammation, thereby improving athletic performance.


Enhanced Physiological Response: OCEANIX, a sustainably sourced phytoplankton, contains antioxidants and essential nutrients that aid in recovery and offer benefits against oxidative stress.


Cognitive Function and Weight Management: CARNIPURE L-Carnitine, a high-quality form of L-Carnitine, is linked to positive effects on cognitive function and weight management, supporting overall wellness and performance.


Synergistic Recovery Support: The combination of these ingredients is designed to enhance recovery processes, reduce downtime, and prepare athletes for their next challenge, emphasizing the synergistic effect for comprehensive recovery.

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