One among Amazon's Bestselling Treadmills That Customers Name 'Life-Altering' Is Simply $169 for the Large Spring Sale

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After five days of mega discounts, Amazon's first-ever Big Spring Sale has turned out to be a sizable savings sensation. Tens of thousands of deals on everything from running shoes to angle grinders have offered shoppers a way to save on things they need going into the new season. And while bigger brands like Cap Barbell and Peloton have made waves in the fitness category, it's the lesser-known brands that have been the most surprising—like Elseluck with its ultra-affordable top-selling treadmill.

Right now, the Elseluck Under-Desk Portable Walking Treadmill is on sale for just $169 during the Big Spring Sale—a 33% discount on the normal $250 price tag. This convenient treadmill has received over 950 five-star ratings and has sold over 10,000 times in the last month, propelling it into a top-5 ranking among the bestselling treadmills on Amazon. It's available in your choice of black or silver. 

Elseluck Under-Desk Portable Walking Treadmill in Black, $169 (was $250) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

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This under-desk treadmill is roughly 48-by-20 inches and stands about 4.5 inches tall, which is the ideal size for storing under a bed, a couch, or even in a closet. It features an alloy steel frame that can support up to 220 pounds, a non-slip belt, and a motor that stays quiet while walking or jogging up to 3.8 mph. This walking treadmill also comes with a large LED display that shows duration, distance, and speed and a handheld remote that allows users to take control without having to get off.

Shoppers enjoy how well this walking treadmill integrates with their daily lives, but many are also thrilled with how light and easy-to-use it is. "I found this treadmill online and am glad I did! This is so lightweight I was able to carry it upstairs myself," a shopper said. "I like the features of tracking my time and distance…Be patient, as the treadmill will pick up speed. Just hit the plus sign once and wait for it to move a bit faster! This was a great find—very affordable, which was a big plus for me, and easy to use."

Elseluck Under-Desk Portable Walking Treadmill in Silver, $170 (was $250) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

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Other shoppers found this treadmill useful for integrating exercise into their long, demanding days at the office. "I work in a cardiothoracic surgery office and I convinced our office manager to let us get walking pads," a shopper said. "We already had stand-up desks, so why not?... I get on my walking pad a couple of separate times throughout the work day (which is 10 hours) and I have been not only reaching my 10,000-step goal but beating it daily by 6,000-plus! To not have the anxiety of either waking up at 4 a.m. or rushing home to work out before cooking dinner has been life-changing!"

Walking treadmills like this model from Elseluck have become hyper-popular with those in need of easy fitness solutions for small spaces or busy workdays, and for just $169, it's hard to argue. But Amazon's Big Spring Sale is wrapping up tonight, which means the 33% discount may disappear. So if you've been looking for a way to get your 10,000 steps in between meetings or even after work in the comfort of your home, take a chance on this compact treadmill while it's still on sale.

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