The Finest Prostate Massagers of 2024, Examined and Reviewed

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Men regularly enjoy sex toys whether alone or with a partner—but for years, those intended for anal use, like prostate massagers, were widely stigmatized. Today, there's a different understanding of how using these types of toys can enhance sexual experiences by stimulating one of the greatest erogenous zones on a man's body. 

Men's Journal spoke with Luka Matutinovic, chief marketing officer of Lelo, a luxury sex toy company, to uncover more about what prostate massagers are and why they may be right for you.

With careful consideration, we weighed the qualifications you should look for in prostate massagers based on industry insight from Matutinovic, hundreds of product reviews, and conversations happening on Reddit. While many models offer a unique experience, the best overall prostate massager is Lelo Hugo. It's comfortable, has advanced tech, and is an ideal size for users of any skill level.

Best Prostate Massager Overall: Lelo Hugo, $151 (Was $189)

Lelo Hugo is our pick for the best overall prostate massager.

Courtesy of Lelo

Lelo Hugo prostate massager is the "ultimate backstage pass." With six settings and two robust motors in the base and tip, it's intricately designed for intense orgasms. We love how interactive it is. Your partner can take control, whether it’s with the remote or app. This is a medium-sized toy that’s smooth and safe when used with proper lubrication. (Just make sure you don't use a silicone lube with silicone toys as it can break it down over time.) One happy customer says, “If you are a male, and want to try something with a partner, this is a product you want to add to your toy closet now!”

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Best Prostate Massager for Beginners: Adam & Eve 3-Point Prostate Massager, $70

Adam & Eve 3-Point Prostate Massager is our favorite prostate massager for beginners.

Courtesy of Adam & Eve

With over 55,000 sold, Adam & Eve 3-Point Prostate Massager isn't just a fan favorite among Adam & Eve shoppers, it's also touted as the best prostate massager for beginners by several users. “This is by far one of the best buys I've made,” one shopper notes. It's flexible for deep stimulation and ergonomic, so it can pleasure the sensitive area with ease. There are 10 vibe settings and dual motors to match any preference. And the perineum stimulator and mini teaser take it over the edge. Use a reliable water-based lube when using this toy. Trying anything for the first time can be daunting, but Matutinovic notes it's crucial to "relax and allow your body time to adjust."

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Best Hands-Free Prostate Massager: We-Vibe Vector +, $139

The We-Vibe Vector + is the best hands-free prostate massagers.

Courtesy of We-Vibe

We-Vibe is another company that deserves your attention; we've had plenty of great testing sessions with the brand's toys and the intuitive app. We-Vibe Vector + is a standout for “pleasure right out of the box," as one shopper puts it. It's an anal rabbit vibrator and internal prostate stimulator all in one. Many Reddit users agree this is one of the best hands-free massagers. Using lube, relax and glide Vector + into position, then control the good vibrations via the We-Vibe app either alone or with a partner. It's designed to be worn around, so enjoy a stroll as the flexible design molds with your body. The dual vibrations to the prostate and perineum will have you walking on cloud nine. 

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Best Plug Prostate Massager: Tush by Bellesa, $69

The Tush by Bellesa is our favorite plug prostate massagers.

Courtesy of Bellesa Boutique

t only is Tush by Bellesa one of the best plug prostate massagers, but it might also be one of the best sex toys for men. A bestseller from Bellesa, this silky silicone plug inserts with ease for pleasurable extended wear. The grippable base keeps things safe (read: it won't get lodged or lost), and the remote control allows for simple, sustained transitions among the 10 vibration modes. The writer of one five-star review says, “The vibration modes are varied but they’re all on the rumbly side of the scale, not super buzzy.”

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Best Prostate Massager Under $25: plusOne Prostate Massager, $20

plusOne Prostate Massager is our pick for the best prostate massager under $25.

Courtesy of plusOne

We've tested our fair share of toys from plusOne and can say this: Just because a toy is affordable doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. The brand excels in spicy yet accessible toys, catering to a wide audience. In fact, you'll find the brand's products in CVS and Walmart. plusOne Prostate Massager is a budget prostate massager with no frills but all fun. One shopper says, “It was sketchy at first to try this prostate massager from the drug store, but after I did I definitely felt a huge difference.” Being such a bare-bones toy means there's little work for you to do to get the motor running. It's easy to charge and small enough to pack for trips. A slimmer design also makes this a good option for first-timers. 

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More Prostate Massagers We Recommend

Best Vibrating Prostate Massager: Lovers Joy Stick Thruster Vibrator, $99

Courtesy of Lovers

Lovers Joy Stick Thruster Vibrator is a rare gem that's made for both men and women and was designed to be worn as an accessory. It’s engineered for targeted vibes with a two-speed motor. “The thrusting action is more subtle but powerful enough to get the job done,” one shopper says. This multi-purpose toy has 10 vibration speeds and is controlled with a remote. The delightfully textured base buzzes to stimulate either the perineum or the clitoris. As far as sharing sex toys, it's perfectly fine as long as they're properly and thoroughly cleaned between use. te: Never insert a toy directly from an anus into a vagina.

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Best Reddit Recommendation: Charles II Prostate Stimulator, $90 (was $100)

Courtesy of Adam & Eve

Charles II Prostate Stimulator was mentioned in multiple Reddit subgroups we found while doing research for this story. “This thing is amazing,” one Reddit user says. "It literally had me screaming the first time I used it." The rotating beads just above the base give a rimming simulation, something you won't find in most other toys. With its 10 remote-controlled vibe functions and a curved tip, this has the power to tease the P-spot more intensely. Reddit users also mention this toy has some real power behind it. The only downside is its battery only lasts one hour. But trust us—you won't need more.

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Best Glass Prostate Massager: Unbound Babes Stellar, $38

Courtesy of Unbound Babes

If you’re experienced with prostate massagers and want something that offers very little give, try Unbound Babes Stellar. This iridescent glass prostate massager is striking and boasts a flowy form that's smooth, sensual, and texture-less. With lube, it provides a firmer prostate massage than other more malleable toys. “I was nervous the solidity of a glass dildo might be uncomfortable or even painful, but I've only had pleasant (the most pleasant) experiences with it,” says one shopper who gave it a five-star rating. Toys don’t always have to be complicated. 

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Best Thrusting Prostate Massager: Beisar Thrusting Prostate Massager, From $34

Courtesy of Amazon

t only is Beisar Thrusting Prostate Massager one of the best thrusting prostate massagers available, but it’s also the . 1 bestselling anal vibrator on Amazon as of the publishing of this story. “It's a great combination of features (thrust, vibrate, and the ring) all packed into one device,” a shopper wrote. This massager features both internal and external vibrations that add a new dimension to prostate stimulation. This version also incorporates a cock ring for more stimulation and security. And, like We-Vibe's toys, you can choose to control this massager's seven vibe modes with a remote or app.

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Most Secure Prostate Massager: Aneros Helix Syn Trident Silicone Prostate Massager, $70

Courtesy of Love Honey

Aneros Helix Syn Trident Silicone Prostate Massager was recommended time and time again by shoppers and Reddit users because of how well it stays put. “Unlike other prostate massagers, Aneros stays perfectly in place and I have never had to worry about it trying to escape,” one user says. Designed with a little more weight, it pushes more smoothly against the P-spot, offering a more powerful orgasm. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were sheet-grabbing orgasms from Aneros, but they’re so worth the wait.

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What Is a Prostate Massager?

Prostate massagers are "relatively slender" sex toys, Matutinovic says, that curve toward the front of the body after being carefully inserted into the rectum. Once inserted, it can brush, push, tickle, and vibrate against the prostate gland, which, when stimulated properly, has the potential to trigger more powerful orgasms.

"Prostate massagers help people with penises massage their prostate more effectively," Matutinovic says. "The vibration adds more stimulation to the prostate as it targets the P-spot by directly stimulating the nerve-packed gland two inches past your anus. Prostate massagers can activate intense pleasurable sensations, leading to a unique type of orgasm."

Are There Benefits to Using a Prostate Massager?

"The prostate is a gland that plays a crucial role in men’s reproductive and urinary functions," Matutinovic says. "This gland is where all elements that create semen combine before ejaculation. When ignored, as is often the case, semen becomes stagnant, creating a buildup of bacteria, which can cause swelling. A prostate massage, using a finger or a toy, is a way to release fluids from your prostate ducts, and potentially help with symptoms of an enlarged prostate, erectile dysfunction, and difficulty urinating."

Prostate health is important. We live in a time when talking about it isn't just cool, but also important for learning more about our well-being. While debate exists about the effectiveness of medical prostate massages, many who use prostate massagers often describe a positive experience.

"The benefits of massaging the prostate gland go beyond sexual pleasure; research has shown that prostate stimulation can lead to general improved prostate health and enhanced sexual function. They also have been shown to aid in fluid circulation, reducing the risk of prostatitis and other prostate issues," Matutinovic adds.

Stigmas of Using Prostate Massagers

There's no shortage of old-world stigmas regarding the use of any anal sex toy. These types of toys, including prostate massagers, have been previously seen as emasculating and highly suggestive of sexual preferences. Some people still get coy about men's sexuality in terms of anal play, but modern perspectives have started to shift.

"A recent Lelo survey on anal pleasure showed that anal pleasure is still a bit taboo," Matutinovic says. "Almost half of those participating in the survey were intrigued by anal pleasure but anxious about actually trying any sort of sexual activity in the area. When genders are concerned, people believe that stigma is still more attached to male anal pleasure as it's still wrongly associated with sexual orientation."

But Matutinovic says there's a clear change in perception on how men view this type of pleasure in 2024, with "one in three having used (occasionally or regularly) sex toys for anal play."

Regardless, he says that brands in the sexual wellness industry must continue to fight against sexual stigmas. "Prostate stimulation has nothing to do with one’s sexual orientation or gender identity, and everything to do with the ability to experience and enhance pleasure. For that reason, Lelo and other sexual wellness brands should work even harder to break the stigma around anal play and prostate massage especially."

Frequently Asked Questions About Prostate Massagers

How do you use a prostate massager?

Using a prostate massager is as simple as getting comfortable, relaxing your muscles, and slowly guiding the toy into the anus toward the prostate. Toys with multiple appendages may also rest against the perineum.

The most important thing to remember when using a prostate massager is to use a high-quality lubricant to make insertion a lot easier. Lube is your friend and your ally on this journey. Otherwise, it's wise to select a toy based on the size and stimulation you require.

Why should you try using a prostate massager?

Despite the old stigma of heterosexual anal pleasure, the prostate is the key to unlocking richer and more intense orgasms. One of the easiest ways to achieve these is through the use of a prostate massager.

What are the best positions for prostate massagers?

Redditors have divulged several positions that are easy to do and help with reach and relaxation when trying to insert a prostate massager.

Doggy style is an ol’ reliable, plus it's the easiest and most comfortable position to get into with a partner or by yourself. Similarly, draping yourself over your partner’s lap is easy to do and creates a more intimate experience. Lying on your stomach is a good beginner position, as you don’t need to worry about weight and can truly relax. But many agree that standing with a leg up on furniture or a bed is just as good if not more satisfying.

Why You Should Trust Me

I’ve been covering sexual wellness and reviewing sex toys for the past five years. I’ve worked with and tested products from some of the most reputable brands in this space, including Bellesa, Sweet Vibrations, MysteryVibe, and others. With many, many hours of testing toys, lubes, condoms, and all types of adult products, I've developed a unique perspective on what makes people (and myself) tick.

To assist with my research on the best prostate massagers, I turned to the first-hand experiences of sexually adventurous Redditors and Luka Matutinovic, CMO of Lelo, one of the best brands in luxury adult products with a long and proven history of customer satisfaction. With his perspective on what customers love or hate about prostate massagers and the larger social conversation surrounding them, I was able to make a definitive list of the best prostate massagers available in 2024.

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