UFC Debuts New Combat Glove to Scale back Accidents

UFC has unveiled a redesign of its iconic official UFC fight gloves and the leading MMA company says it will enhance protection, fit, and flexibility for its athletes. The hope is that the new gloves will reduce the number of eye pokes and hand brakes that are seen inside the octagon.

Key improvements include a new wristband locking system to prevent opponents from grabbing the glove, minimal seams to reduce abrasions, innovative padding to minimize eye pokes, and added protection over vulnerable bone structures such as the pinky finger. Sizing has been revamped for a better fit, apparently eliminating the requirement for gender-specific options. These new generation gloves will be offered in 10 unisex sizes. In addition to traditional black, a gold iteration is expected to be used in championship bouts, turquoise for the contender series, and red for events like Road to UFC Asia.

UFC say that the new gloves have been engineered with athlete and coach feedback, scientific data, and cutting-edge technology taken into account. Developed in partnership with VICIS RDI, a company that works to minimize sports-related head injuries, the new UFC fight gloves are constructed in part with VICIS RFLX foam technology for impact absorption. The VICIS RFLX Foam Stack consists of four layers of impact-absorbing foam separated by PTFE slip-planes, aiming to offer unparalleled flexibility and protection.


The New UFC Fight Gloves Mark a ‘Significant Milestone’

“When UFC approached the RDI team to help develop the next generation MMA glove, we applied our standard development process,” explained Jason Neubauer on behalf of VICIS RDI. “Start with feedback from athletes, use real data and testing to lead our design, and continue the out-of-the-box thinking that has driven award-winning solutions for top performing athletes.”

Manufactured by Dyaco, UFC’s official combat and fitness equipment supplier, these new gloves mark “a significant milestone in combat sports equipment design,” according to the release notes. Additionally, the new gloves feature NFC chips, powered by VeChainThor blockchain technology, allowing fans to authenticate and view the history of the gloves via the UFC website, giving fans the most immersive view of their favorite fighters yet.

“We have been working on these gloves over the past few years with the best designers, engineers, and athletes in the world,” said UFC CEO and President Dana White. “This redesign will truly be a game changer for the entire sport of MMA. These gloves will feel lighter, fit fighters’ hands better, prevent injuries, and provide maximum flexibility during the fights. You’ll start to see these in competition this summer”

The gloves lighter feel is owed to a reduced weight, clocking in at 3 to 4.9 oz, meaning that they are 1 to 1.5 oz lighter than the previous UFC fight gloves. The promotion says that athletes are set to debut the new UFC Official Fight Gloves at UFC 302 on June 1, 2024, promising a new era of safety and performance in mixed martial arts.

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