Linda Summer season Credit Sizzling Yoga for Conquering Stunts and Cowl Shoots

German born beauty Linda Summer has made a name for herself in front of both the fashion and film cameras, but the model and actress, who played Charlene Proube in the 2023 film The Kill Room, tells M&F Hers that she executes her stunning poses and scenes thanks to a workout regimen that includes epic gym sessions and hot yoga. Here’s why you should consider getting your sweat on too.

“I studied acting at Stella Adler in Hollywood, which helped me so much to understand what acting really means,” says Summer, who got into acting before modeling. “I was always into sports and action, so I tried stage combat after a year of being with Stella Adler and once I tried it, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do!”

Her passions would be split however, because at 16 years of age, Summer was signed to the same modeling agency that her friend worked with. “It was always my biggest dream to do the cover of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and when I first had the physical copies in my hand, I was screaming and running around my house like an idiot,” Linda Summer says, laughing. “That feeling will never go away.”

During filming of The Kill Room, Summer got to work alongside screen legend Uma Thurman. She soaked in the experience she gained from observing the Kill Bill star. “She was so down to earth and super respectful toward everyone on set,” shares the rising star. “Given how famous she is, I wasn’t sure how she would be towards me, but it was so lovely, and I’m super grateful to be part of the movie and to be on such an extensive production set. She and Joe Manganiello made me feel so comfortable and I feel blessed to have worked with such an amazing cast. One of the reasons that I wanted to do stunts and action movies is Uma. Her role in Kill Bill  was so fierce and inspiring for me. I have always looked up to actresses like her and Angelina Jolie, such badass ladies!”

Summer says that while she loves modeling and has been around the world thanks to the profession, her love of stunts and acting are more inline with her personality. In terms of training, this glamorous girl isn’t afraid to get bruised-up during combat training, and says that core strength has been essential for mastering both modeling and movies. The alluring actress posts videos of her full body workouts and tells Hers that another key way she achieves a powerful foundation is through the practice of hot yoga.

Here’s Why Hot Yoga is a Strong Choice for Core Strength

Hot yoga is practiced in a heated room that generally ranges from 90 to 105°F. (32 to 40°C). Like yoga, the poses require the engagement of multiple muscle groups all at the same time, leading to improvements in strength, endurance, and muscle tone. Many people who practice hot yoga also report that the sessions offer stress reduction, and this has been backed up by a recent study that found hot yoga to be an encouraging method for relieving depression.

Detoxification is another benefit, since the heat improves circulation and the resulting sweat flushes toxins out of the body through the skin. Additionally, hot yoga is also a great cardiovascular workout as participants will experience an increased heart-rate, helping to build stamina. Before engaging in hot yoga, individuals should be aware that those with heart problems and other medical conditions may not cope well with the heat, so always seek medical advice before making significant changes to your exercise regime.


For Summer, however, hot yoga has been important to her because modelling sessions can sometimes require that she poses for designers or photographers for up to 12 hours straight, while standing. “Core strength is very important, especially for stunts, as your body has to be strong,” she says. “Otherwise, you can really hurt yourself.”

w eying up new projects, including a short film that she is set to begin filming in Europe, Summer says that a healthy lifestyle helps to keep her motivated. “My goal is to get a big role in an action movie,” Linda Summer shares. With her impressive dedication and discipline, we don’t doubt that this will happen sooner rather than later.

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