EMS is Remodeling Typical Health Coaching at SmartFit and its Franchises

We live in an age where everyone looks for instant gratification, with most people
nowadays looking for more efficient fitness solutions. Among these innovations is
Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training a game-changing approach that has
sparked interest for its promise of achieving substantial results in a very short
period. With celebrities like Liz Hurley, Heidi Klum, and Madonna endorsing its
effectiveness, EMS training has piqued the curiosity of fitness enthusiasts
worldwide, sparking a surge in interest and inquiries.

EMS training operates on the principle of enhancing muscle contraction through
controlled electrical impulses during exercise. This technique entails delivering
these impulses via specialized EMS suits or electrodes strategically placed on
targeted muscle groups. The result? Intensified muscle contractions and a
remarkably efficient workout session, with each session typically lasting a mere 20

Extensive research on EMS training along with anecdotal evidence and
preliminary studies suggest promising outcomes. One study in 2021 compared the
efficacy of this training with traditional resistance exercises among two groups of
women. Those utilizing EMS suits exhibited significant improvements in body
circumference and cardiovascular function, hinting at the potential of EMS training
to yield notable fitness gains.

The allure of EMS training stems from its versatility and efficacy across various
demographics. Athletes seeking to optimize performance, individuals struggling
with mobility limitations, postpartum women endeavoring to regain strength, and
those undergoing rehabilitation can all find value in EMS. Its ability to target
specific muscle groups makes it particularly appealing for addressing muscle
imbalances, thereby mitigating the risk of injuries associated with traditional

Furthermore, EMS training holds immense promise for seniors seeking to maintain
mobility and enhance overall well-being. As aging bodies contend with declining
strength and flexibility, traditional forms of exercise may exacerbate joint strain
and muscle fatigue. EMS training offers a gentler yet equally effective alternative,
stimulating muscles that are often underutilized and encouraging agility, toning,
and improved stability. Moreover, the minimal time investment required – just 20-
minute sessions – makes it a practical and convenient option for individuals with
busy schedules.

Lara Oliveira, wife and mother of three children, spearheads SmartFit, the first
EMS training fitness studio in Georgia, with a passion for revolutionizing the
fitness landscape. Inspired by her own struggles to juggle motherhood and fitness,
Lara stumbled upon EMS training during a visit to her native Brazil in 2018.
Instantly captivated by its efficiency, she resolved to introduce this transformative
technology to her community in Georgia, thus birthing SmartFit in August 2020.



At SmartFit, the ethos revolves around democratizing fitness, making it accessible
and attainable for everyone. Through the innovative use of EMS technology,
clients can achieve remarkable results without the time constraints or physical
strain associated with conventional workouts. Whether it’s a hectic work schedule,
joint sensitivity, or a simple aversion to traditional gym routines, SmartFit caters to
diverse needs and preferences.

Taylor Oliveira, a certified personal trainer and the Manager of SmartFit, embodies
the studio’s commitment to personalized attention and holistic wellness. With a
background in elite athletics and a profound appreciation for the transformative
power of EMS training, Taylor is instrumental in guiding clients on their fitnessjourney.                                                                                                                                      Her hands-on approach and genuine rapport with clients underscore
SmartFit’s dedication to supporting meaningful connections and empowering
individuals to embrace fitness wholeheartedly.

Beyond its efficacy and convenience, SmartFit distinguishes itself as a female-
founded enterprise, challenging stereotypes and championing diversity in the
fitness industry.


In just a few short years, SmartFit has emerged as a trailblazer in the fitness
landscape, setting the standard for excellence and accessibility. With two thriving
locations and plans for expansion through franchising, SmartFit continues to
redefine the fitness experience.

“We’re calling on individuals who share our passion for innovation and wellness to
join the SmartFit family as franchisees. By bringing SmartFit to new communities,
franchisees have the opportunity to not only build a thriving business but also to
enable countless individuals to prioritize their health and fitness in a time-efficient
and sustainable manner,” states Lara.

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