Pittsburgh Professional 2024 Outcomes

Here are the results for the Jim Manion’s 2024 IFBB Pro League Pittsburgh Pro and NPC Pittsburgh Championships!

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Bikini Awards

First Place – Aimee Leann Delgado

Pro Fitness Photos

Second Place – Ashley Kaltwasser

Second Place - Ashley KaltwasserPro Fitness Photos

Third Place – Vania Auguste

Third Place - Vania AugustePro Fitness Photos

Fourth Place – Maria Acosta

Fourth Place - Maria AcostaPro Fitness Photos

Fifth Place – Tara Grier

Fifth Place - Tara GrierPro Fitness Photos

Figure Awards

First Place – Natalia Soltero

First Place - Natalia SolteroPro Fitness Photos

Second Place – Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz Pereira

Second Place - Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz PereiraPro Fitness Photos

Third Place – Ericka Morales Morgan

Third Place - Ericka Morales MorganPro Fitness Photos

Fourth Place – Madison Dinges

Fourth Place - Madison DingesPro Fitness Photos

Firth Place – Maggie Watson

Firth Place - Maggie WatsonPro Fitness Photos

Wellness Awards

First Place – Elisas Alcantra

First Place - Elisas AlcantraPro Fitness Photos

Second Place – Giselle Machado

Second Place - Giselle MachadoPro Fitness Photos

Third Place – Marissa Andrews

Third Place - Marissa AndrewsPro Fitness Photos

Fourth Place – Jasmine Payne

Fourth Place - Jasmine PaynePro Fitness Photos

Fifth Place – Riley Walsh

Fifth Place - Riley WalshPro Fitness Photos

Women’s Physique Awards

First Place – Natalie Rae Wolf

First Place - Natalie Rae WolfPro Fitness Photos

Second Place – Joleen Keith

Second Place - Joleen KeithPro Fitness Photos

Third Place – Samantha Emery

Third Place - Samantha EmeryPro Fitness Photos

First Place – Eric Lisboa

First Place - Eric LisboaPro Fitness Photos

Second Place – Matthew Greggo

Second Place - Matthew GreggoPro Fitness Photos

Third Place – James Yount

Third Place - James YountPro Fitness Photos

Fourth Place – Dmytro Krazhan

Fourth Place - Dmytro KrazhanPro Fitness Photos

Fifth Place – Camilio Diaz

Fifth Place - Camilio DiazPro Fitness Photos

First Place – Ali Bilal

First Place - Ali BilalPro Fitness Photos

Second Place – Vitor Chaves

Second Place - Vitor ChavesPro Fitness Photos

Third Place – George Brown

Third Place - George BrownPro Fitness Photos

Fourth Place – Deke Walker

Fourth Place - Deke WalkerPro Fitness Photos

Fifth Place – Clarence Mcspadden

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