This Suspension Coach Exercise Will Assist Construct Energy in 15 Minutes

If time weren’t an issue and you had all the time in the world to workout, then being ripped would be easy, correct? But we don’t live in an ideal world where we have all the time to do what we want. The other side of the coin is that putting off your workout or taking as long as you want would be much easier if time weren’t an issue that’s why we’re providing you with this 15 minute TRX suspension trainer workout.

Sometimes, having a workout time limit works in your favor because it keeps you accountable and helps you focus on what’s important. When time is limited, and you don’t want it to stop you from getting your sweat on, then 15-minute workouts like this trx suspension trainer workout should be in your wheelhouse.

15 Minute Workouts Benefits

Sometimes, less is more, especially when squeezing in a workout on a tight schedule. Let’s break down the benefits of quick 15-minute training sessions.

Streamlined Fitness

Short and sharp workouts are your best bet when time is at a premium. They’re ideal for those without much time but still want to keep their fitness game strong.

Power-Packed Intensity

Short on time means you need to dial up the intensity. These 15-minute sessions are designed to ramp up your strength and endurance while keeping you on the straight and narrow.

Faster Recovery Time

Keeping it short can help avoid the dreaded overtraining zone, paving the way for improved muscle recovery. It’s all about giving your muscles the breather they need to rebuild bigger and stronger.

Hit Multiple Bodyparts

You can shake things up with shorter workouts. Target different muscle groups, throw in some cardio, or stretch it out.

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Suspension Training Benefits

The beauty of suspension training lies in its adaptability. Bodyweight exercises like push-ups and rows can be easily adjusted to your fitness level simply by changing the position of your feet. This versatility allows anyone, from beginners to seasoned lifters, to build strength effectively with good form.

Here are four more benefits of using a suspension trainer for short-strength workouts.

Improved Core Stability

Think of suspension training as a core challenge. Every move you make lights up your core because of the inherent instability of suspension training.

Hit All The Muscles In Your Body

Suspension training isn’t just about isolating one muscle at a time. It hits them all simultaneously to help keep you upright.

Easier on the Joints

The suspension exercises below help keep the harsh impacts away from your joints and improve flexibility and mobility.

Workout Anywhere

Suspension training systems are light, portable, and ready to roll, whether you’re hanging from a tree or your hotel room door.

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15 Minute TRX Suspension Trainer Workout

Let’s get to what you came here for a juicy full-body strength training workout that you can do when your time is limited. Each move will be performed for 30 seconds with good form and a 30-second rest. Although 30 seconds may seem a lot, you will need time to adjust the strap and change body positions between exercises.

1A. Overhead Squat

1B. Atomic Push-Up

1C. Hamstring Runners Or Glute Bridge

1D. Inverted Row

1E. Standing Overhead Triceps Extension

Repeat for a total of three rounds in 15 minutes.

That was fun, wasn’t it?

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