George Bamfo Jr. says early morning exercises ‘modified his life’

These days, George Bamfo Jr. flies on private jets and mingles with Hollywood powerhouses like The Rock and Vin Diesel, but it would be his motivation to workout as a way to beat crippling anxiety that kickstarted his career as a coach. His success is all thanks to making the most of his preparedness during a chance meeting with rapper and actor, Ludacris.

And, in a chat with M&F, Bamfo Jr shares how early morning workouts literally changed his life, and why his strong bond with Ludacris has helped him to expand his own outlook while his client grows his biceps.


Fitness was George Bamfo Jr’s “Exit Strategy”

“Fitness was my exit strategy, because when I was working corporate, I was in electrical lighting sales before I got into fitness,” explains Bamfo Jr. While working that job, the changemaker says that he began to read self help books. “Because I had big goals,” he shares. “I wanted to be rich, and to take care of my family because I come from a poor background, right?”

As Bamfo’s corporate career progressed, he felt those goals slipping away however. “Then I started to really take fitness seriously,” he says. As a college football player with Houston, Bamfo had already gotten to grips with the fundamentals of building muscle and explosive power, but off the field, and in the office, he was struggling.

“Leaving the football environment, I had to be around executives and give morning presentations. All of that kind of stressed me out, because it was just new to me. So, I was using the fitness to help me deal with the stress, because I found out that through my morning routine, meditation, and reading books, and exercising, I found out that the best way for me to deal with anxiety was through cardio. So, my morning routine was; go crazy and probably run  2 miles, and then do my workout, meditate, read books, and then go to work.”

Bamfo came to the realization that every time he followed his active and mindful morning routine, he felt more at peace. “And I could speak well at work, because I wasn’t all nervous,” he explains. As Bamfo progressed both mentally and physically, he began posting insightful posts on his Instagram account. These weren’t those generic fitness influencer type posts, but real tangible stuff that you and I can follow in our own gym sessions.

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George Bamfo Jr. says highly successful people put the work in, early

w, they say that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and this is certainly true of Bamfo Jr’s 2019 chance encounter in a Miami hotel gym with the actor and rapper; Ludacris (Christoper Bridges).

“I met him in Miami, just right place right time,” shares the coach. “Like I said, when I started on this whole journey with fitness, I took it seriously, so I’m vacationing in Miami with my girlfriend at the time, and I’m up early recording content and just like a highly successful person, he was up early too, on vacation, working out. So, I think it was just destiny. He felt my energy. He felt it was authentic, and that’s why I am here today, because he gave me a chance.”

Bamfo Jr. explains that after relocating to Atlanta to train Ludacris full time, he’s also found himself in the gym with the likes of Kevin Hart and Usher, and while he’s been able to motivate Ludacris to look his best on screen, the PT notes that their teachings are reciprocal. “He’s helped me to understand why highly successful people are the way they are,” says Bamfo. “He’s the busiest person I know, but then makes time. So, he prioritizes fitness and he takes it seriously, and he approaches it with such a vitality that it’s admirable.

He adds: “I look up to him. I’m like, bro, you’re so busy…how do you maintain and just keep the same energy about everything. You’re a family man, you own 10 or 15 businesses, you gotta do music, you gotta do movies, his traveling schedule alone, bro! I went with him on tour and I remember being so tired and I didn’t even have to perform. Why am I tired sleeping on the tour bus?” recalls Bamfo, laughing.

Certainly, one of the reasons that their relationship works so well is that they both love to have fun in the gym, as Ludacris’ Instagram account will attest.

“I record it, and as long as he just wants to stay fit I gladly do it,” laughs the coach. “Staying energized by fitness, man I’m all for it.” As for those that feel their fitness journey hasn’t quite got started, Bamfo has some advice just for you: “We may not be where we want to be, right now, but if we keep plugging away, and doing the right things, over and over and over… if we string those along together for a long period of time, the results will definitely come.”

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