Do this Aware Full Physique Kettlebell Exercise from Senada Greca

Senada Greca is the go-to trainer for celebrities like Bebe Rexa and has amassed more than 5.5 followers on Instagram thanks to her awesome workout and nutrition tips. Recently, the physical trainer and founder of Zentoa performance wear posted a mindful full body kettlebell workout to give your whole body a blast. Why not try it for yourself?

One of the benefits of kettlebells, aside from the portability and convenience, is that they provide a seemingly unlimited number of potential workouts. Thanks to Greca, however, you’ll be moving and meditating at the same time with this particular plan; finding your flow while swinging for success.


Senada Greca’s Exercise Tips:

Reverse Lunge Swing

“Make sure that you are taking note of that starting position,” says Greca as she plants her feet and grabs the kettlebell for the reverse lunge swings. “Because that should be the beginning and the end of this exercise. This movement will work your legs, core, shoulders, “and everything else in-between,” says the coach. “But make sure that you are now allowing the weight to pull you forward. Move mindfully and flow with this exercise.

Chest Press

“Chest press hollow bodies, we’re primarily targeting our core and our chest muscles,” explains Greca. “Make sure that there is no space between the ground and the lower back, and if that’s not accessible (perhaps due to physical limitations) bring the knees towards you for a reverse table top position. Elbows are about forty-five degrees to the body; your core is tight.” The buff beauty feels the burn here, and you will too!

Static Squat Row

“Static squat rows. We’re primarily targeting the back but your core, glutes, hamstrings, quads, arms, and shoulders, and everything else in-between is being engaged as well,” explains Greca. “As you row, bring those elbows close to your body up, and back, squeezing the sides of your back and maintaining a long neck without shrugging your shoulders.

Deficit Pushup

“Deficit pushups are an incredible way to increase the range of motion of a regular pushup,” shares the PT. “We’re primarily working our chest, core, shoulders, triceps, and even (our) upper-back. If this is not accessible to you, perform a regular pushup from the ground, or for an even further modification: place your hands on a bench or even a wall. Make sure that your core is tight, squeeze your glutes, squeeze your shoulder blades down, gently lower towards the ground with control and then push the ground away to come up.

Lateral Lunge Clean

“Lateral lunge cleans are an incredible exercise for working the glutes, legs, core, and arms, primarily,” says Greca. “At the beginning of the exercise, your gaze is towards the ground, arms straight back neutral, and then as you come up you utilize a bit of that momentum to bring the weight up, shift to the other side, with the gaze forward. Sit as low as you comfortably can with the knees in the direction of the second and third toe. Move mindfully and with control, and flow gracefully.”


“RDL with squat clean press is an incredible exercise, yet challenging, so let’s start with lighter weight,” says Greca. “Get the form down before moving on to heavier, challenging weights. This exercise works everything from your hamstrings to your glutes, quads, core, back and shoulders, and everything else in-between. Starting in that RDL position, your knees are slightly bent, pushing the hips back as far as you can, the spine is neutral. As you’re coming up, utilize your hips; thrusting slightly forward to rotate the weights onto your forearms and then gently flow into that squat, utilizing a bit of the momentum of coming up from the squat to press the kettlebells up with biceps by your ears, always moving slow and mindfully.”

Senada Greca’s Mindful Full-Body Kettlebell Workout

Perform 8-12 reps for each of the following:

Reverse Lunge Swing (each side)

Hollow Body Chest Press

Static Squat Row

Deficit Pushup

Lateral Lunge Clean (each side)


If you found that workout great for mind, body, and soul, follow Senada Greca on Instagram for more inspiration.

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