Find out how to Burn Energy from Your Favourite Meals and Drinks

It's the holidays, so let's face it: you'll likely indulge in something, be it alcohol, eggnog, or high-carb side dishes. And while some of your buddies and gym buddies may indulge you in getting more sugar in a day than you normally would in a month, here at Muscle & Fitness we don't see anything wrong with partying (as is reasonable) . We have preached the spiritual and physical benefits of your favorite foods without feeling guilty about it.

Fortunately, treating yourself doesn't have to hurt your profits. There are ways you can have an extra side of fill without bothering to cram yourself into your jeans the next morning. And we're not even talking about the bench press or the deadlift here - we're describing how to "clear" your goodies in just a few minutes' walk (do this between main course and dessert, or if you need one) a quick escape from your uncle conspiracy theory).

In this article, in addition to a workout to burn the calories with, we've listed five different classic holiday foods.

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