Constructing muscle, keep slim meal plan

Bulking up: It's a scary thought for a lot of guys at the gym because there seems to be a string always attached to it. Everyone wants to add lean bulk, but - and it's a big one, but - a lot of us like the idea of ​​gaining body fat, not even a few pounds, which is the norm on most mass-gaining diets.

Seriously, what's the point of gaining 20 to 30 pounds when a good portion of it is fat? If you can't see the muscle you added, is it even worth having? In this case we say no. That's why we provide you with the tools you need to build muscle while maintaining, not increasing, your current body fat percentage.

So the question is how can I build myself up without adding unwanted pounds of fat? The answer: by carefully, precisely and precisely paying attention to the timing of the food. Whether on this page or in Instagram memes, you've heard the phrase "bodies are built in the kitchen, not the gym". Too often you associate weight lifting and cardio with building a great body - and don't get us wrong, that's an important aspect, too.

But if we compare bodybuilding to building a house, our diets are the foundation, walls, and support beams. Without these, it doesn't matter how pretty we make our bedrooms and living rooms - you have to start from scratch. To use another stereotype, you cannot overdo poor nutrition.

That's why we created this simple and effective meal plan to help you gain mass while staying slim.

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