Air Power Vet Geremy Satcher works to make NFL desires come true

The NFL is full of unique stories about how each player has reached the plateau of competing on the sport's greatest stage. For many, these stories usually follow the traditional Pop Warner, High School, D-1 College transition before being drafted, but for Air Force Staff Sgt. Geremy Satcher, his story is one of those that cannot be compared to any other .

Today, Satcher is a veteran US Air Force meteorologist and data analyst at the Air Force Technical Applications Center. But growing up in Blanchard, LA, his passion was sports, all kinds but especially soccer.

Satcher's family moved to Arizona while he was in high school. But his athletic career had to be interrupted in his senior year after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. On his first day at Arizona State University, his mother died. After her death, Satcher would drop out of school after a few semesters and return to Louisiana.

When he was home and having no sporting activities for his days, he began to feel that he had quickly taken a path that he did not want to participate in. He signed up for the Air Force - and started training again, this time in both powerlifting and bodybuilding. in which he set various records as a natural talent.

w, 11 years in the Air Force, and with all the success and awards he's garnered, there are still unfinished business that keep him drawn - soccer, a sport he has been doing since his junior year of high School stopped playing.

The service's WEAR (We Are All Recruiters) program, which Satcher describes as a blessing, allowed him to train and familiarize himself with his technique and condition. As his own agent, he's already hit the radar of some NFL teams this year. In his own words, he explains what prompted him to take this unconventional path and how the only thing that matters is when and not whether he achieves his goal.

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