Viviana Soldano: Shine like a diamond

When it comes to female bodybuilding competitions, Viviana Soldano wasn't at the top during her competitive days, but that's because genetics can play dirty tricks. There are bodies that look great out of season but not so much after a serious diet. Because of the uneven distribution of fat cells, some lose fat in one area but not enough in others. When some competitors diet to lose fat, they are sacrificing a lot of muscle mass no matter what they try.

I've always enjoyed sending mixed cultural signals by pairing feminine muscles with glamor and lingerie. Bill Dobbins

And then there are others who diets do not become hard and defined, they "shrink". You lose shape, fullness and proportions and in the end are more emptied than slim and muscular.

When I first saw Viviana Soldano on stage at a figure competition, it was as if only spotlights were on her. It shone like a diamond. She had a beautiful face and a full, fit, sexy body. But it was not in the condition that the other competitors had, not that which the judges were looking for. But I was so impressed that I arranged several photo shoots with her. In the studio, in her house by the water and in desert locations. I thought she was one of the best models I've worked with.

The bodybuilder Vivana Soldano wears a black bikini with a belt and boots Once in the desert, the temperature was 113 F (45 ° C), but the heat never slowed Viviana Soldano or lost its cool. Bill Dobbins

On a trip to the desert, where the landscape looked like the surface of the moon, the temperature was 45 ° C, but Viviana didn't mind. She walked with me over rough terrain and posed beautifully. The heat didn't bother her. In the end, a lot of fantastic pictures were created.

Bodybuilder Viviana Solodano wears a red and yellow micro bikini against a mountain wall Nature becomes the ultimate art director in the sense that it provides beautiful and dramatic landscapes that serve as backdrops for photos Bill Dobbins

After initially unsuccessful in the competition, Viviana doubled up. She started working with one of the best coaches and dieting as hard as anyone. But it turns out that she is one of those people - and there are many others - who have only lost size and shape after extreme dieting but never get tough, defined, and muscular enough. One of those competitors who simply lack the specific genetics to compete with muscles.

Bodybuilder Viviana Solodano wears a floral dress laying down a parquet floor Move up one floor and relax, Viviana. Photoshoot at her beautiful Southern California marina home. Bill Dobbins

But as I wrote above, Viviana always looked like a "star" to me on stage and I ended up in my archives with hundreds of great photos of her. Aside from competitions, she has a huge following and supporters who realize how special she is.

t so successful at contests, Viviana is in demand as a model and otherwise stands out from the crowd because she SHINES LIKE A DIAMOND! Viviana Soldano is really something special.

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