Discover ways to roll it with these 5 important foam curler actions

Foam rolling exercises are a popular recovery method to reduce post-workout muscle soreness and improve flexibility. Because there are areas on the body that are tense and painful and can impair training performance.

Foam rolling is either better than sliced ​​bread or a waste of time, depending on whose opinion you hear. But there is enough mediocrity. You should think of foam rollers as a massage for poor men. Having a massage therapist massage you is more effective, but foam rolling is cheaper and more accessible.

Here, we're going to cover five must-have foam rolls and the benefits for each muscle group. Let's dive in.

The benefits of foam rolling exercises

Yes, the foam roller doesn't tickle, but the following perks are worth it.

  • Reduces delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS)

In a study published by the Journal of Athletic Training, men who rolled their legs with foam after exercising reported a decrease in their tenderness after exercising. They used a roller for 20 minutes. after training and again 24 and 48 hours later.

  • Improves joint mobility

If you reduce muscle adhesions and work on trigger points in the fascia, you improve the elasticity of the muscles and help them achieve their ideal length. This improves the range of motion in your joints and allows you to strengthen all parts of the movement for increased strength and hypertrophy.

  • Helps with muscle pain and tension

The pressure of rolling increases blood flow and increases heat in the parts that the foam roller rolls, and studies have been done to show that this can relieve muscle pain and tension. But be careful not to roll over in pain or put your body in a position to make the pain worse. This eliminates all the benefits of foam rolling.

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