This decrease physique exercise will get you excited in lower than half an hour

All branches of the United States Armed Forces are united by a common bond - to serve and protect domestically and abroad. This mission will never change, but that doesn't mean there is no friendly rivalry among each other. An example of this is the annual football match between the army and navy. Both teams want to build dominance in this game and brag about each other for the following year. The 2021 edition of this game will take place at Metlife Stadium on Saturday, December 11th.

Army veteran and M&F expert trainer Erik Bartell may be a little biased about this game, but he still wants to help as many people as possible improve their fitness. With that in mind, he recently shared a lower body session on the M&F Instagram page that only took you about 20 minutes.

"We're going to do a minute of high-intensity exercise followed by a minute of strength training with a focus on hypertrophy, and we'll rinse and repeat," Bartell said at the beginning of the session. "We'll just follow suit."

Warm up

As with any workout, Bartell will guide you through a brief warm-up period. The aim is to increase the body temperature and prepare the body for the impending rush of work. Bartell performed reverse lunges, body weight squats, and jumping jacks. When you feel that you need more movement to prepare appropriately, take the time to be ready.

The Go Army training

The only equipment you'll need for Bartell's Go Army training is light to medium weight dumbbells. Make sure you have space to move around and water to drink. After every minute of work, you have 15 seconds to move on to the next movement.

The entire lower body is addressed, but the focus is on the glutes. Bartell has one final piece of advice on how to keep your muscles focused while you work. Don't lock out the weight and be careful where you feel the tension.

"Keeping the weight on the muscle keeps the focus on the muscle."

Be sure to watch the video below while doing this workout as Bartell provides specific instructions so that you can get as much benefit from it as possible. It also offers advanced options when a greater challenge is required.

Go Army training
a practice duration
Reverse lunge 1 minute
Cup squat 1 minute
Squat movement 1 minute
Stiff leg deadlift with dumbbells 1 minute
Skater 1 minute
Dumbbell lunge pulse 1 minute
Lunge steps with dumbbells (opposite the leg) 1 minute
Hip bump 1 minute
Weighted hip thrust 1 minute
Planes 1 minute
Dumbbell sumo squats 1 minute
* Take a few minutes to do a quick cool down once you've finished the last movement of the session.

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Erik Bartell does 3 exercises from his 30-minute HIIT upper body workout

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