Logan Paul has used his doubters to gas his meteoric rise in WWE

Logan Paul has taken the WWE Universe by storm. After holding his own in the boxing ring against fellow social media influencers, KSI and even former five-division champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., he made his pro wrestling debut at WrestleMania 38 in April, where the 6-foot The 2-inch host "Impaulsive" offered more than just a generic celebrity wrestling performance. Paul, who has more than 33 million combined social media followers, teamed up with The Miz to take on Rey and Dominik Mysterio and made our collective jaws drop as he displayed talent well beyond his ring experience.

Many wrestling critics noted that Paul was a perfect fit for WWE, as his combination of cocky charisma and fearless athleticism with finesse made him fly high. Paul then faced off against his former partner at SummerSlam, defeating The Miz. w, after just two matches, he faces undisputed WWE Champion Roman Reigns on vember 5th at the Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

M&F takes a look at why the dethronement of the long-reigning 'head of the table' is a surprise that can't be counted.

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While Logan Paul was seen as a bit of easy celebrity relief early on, following in the footsteps of Snookie, Kim Kardashian and even Donald Trump by making a cameo at WrestleMania, the truth is that Paul's contribution to WWE so outstanding was far. After wowing fans in April with a natural feel for the ring, it was soon revealed that Paul had a ring installed in his home so he could devote himself to the craft, proving the work you do While the cameras are off, your work drastically improves your chances of success. After training in amateur boxing and wrestling, Paul was coached in WWE by "The Hurricane" Shane Helms and Adam Pearce, among other ring veterans. His quick onboarding was something that WWE boss Triple H noticed. "You don't do what he did at the events he worked for us, you don't do what he did at WrestleMania without a lot of hard work and a lot of effort," The Game noted in one Interview with LADBible TV.

With just days left until the biggest match of his life against a true WWE icon in Roman Reigns, WWE & Verge Magazine, M&F did an exclusive interview with the internet sensation to find out what he thinks of the great praise he's received so far Has. and how seriously he takes his challenge to become the new WWE Undisputed Champion. “Triple H is amazing man. He's very generous with his time and energy and he's so focused when he speaks up and gives me advice," Paul said in reference to his new wrestling boss's kind words. "I know every single word that comes out of his mouth is extremely valuable, so he takes the time to point me in the right direction and guide me."

Don't underestimate Logan Paul's chances of becoming a WWE Superstar

"The six-pack is coming," says Paul, who weighs about 200 pounds, referring to his diet ahead of the big match on v. 5. He's looked in phenomenal form in his previous WWE appearances and appears to be pushing himself even harder for the biggest match of his short career. “The flips are getting easier. Everything is good. I'm working my ass off, man. I don't think my hard work should be underestimated and I'm giving everything for this match because it is. This is an opportunity to make history, to take the title from the best, right off the rib. Three matches in. This has never been done, but I'll do it because that's what I do.

Logan Paul is a great signing for WWE because they've always been very good at attracting celebrities who can help bring new eyes to their product, but in this case (as with other celebrity contributors of recent times, like Bad Bunny), Paul sees his WWE involvement as more than a business transaction. "It's been an evolution in how people identify me when they see me on the street, right?" he shares. "First it was 'The Vine Guy' and then it became 'I've seen your videos guy.' Then it became The YouTube Guy. Then it became "Yo, Paul... something, right?" Then Logan Paul “WWE Superstar”. After all these years I feel that this title is the one with the greatest validity. t that I need validation, but it's also great to be validated with a title like that because you get respect straight away and at the end of the day everyone just wants to be respected. I think it's really hard not to respect someone who is willing to step into that ring and sacrifice their body for the entertainment of millions of people. It's incredible.

Logan Paul jumps over a WWE wrestler in the square circleCourtesy of WWE

Logan Paul strives to focus on the small details that lead to success

While there's no denying that Paul is a natural in the ring and takes the kind of risks that many long-time veterans would shy away from, the truth is that many talented wrestlers haven't fulfilled their potential by missing out on the small details . "Yeah, physicality is easy and from what I've learned so far, that's not the part that makes a WWE Superstar great," says Paul. "I can get in the air and do the somersaults and do all the tricks, but if I can't put you in my story, in my arc of who I am as a person, there's no show. I think showmanship actually takes precedence over executing your moves. You keep people interested when you're in front of that mic, and if they get stuck on who you are and what you're trying to do, the performance will be easy."

Logan Paul isn't afraid to learn from his opponents

“I love knowledge and taking on the GOAT is a master class opportunity for me,” says Paul of Roman Reigns. "When I fought Floyd Mayweather, I wasn't just fighting Floyd Mayweather, I was paying attention to every single nuanced move he made. Once I was by the ropes and he had me under his arm, the guy covered my mouth with his glove and held my breathing for about two breaths. An advanced move that only Floyd Mayweather would know, having boxed for 40 years. I'm sure Roman will have something up his sleeve and I will pay attention to all of them and use them and add them to my arsenal when I become the WWE Champion.”

It's this kind of engaging approach to any discipline that can create excitement in the world of sports and entertainment. After being at the top of the stack in WWE and holding a world title for over 790 days, it seems unthinkable that the acclaimed "Tribal Chief" could be dethroned by a reality star, but then again, strange things have been happening in the world of professionals wrestling If The Big Dog doesn't take this challenge seriously enough, we might just see a surprise that will likely destroy the internet. "If WWE fans don't already respect me, after Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on vember 5th, they will be forced to respect me," Paul concludes. "Maybe you do not like me. I may not be your favorite wrestler but you have to respect what I can do in this ring and that's my goal. I could give two shits on who likes me or not, but you'll always acknowledge that you'll be entertained when I step into that ring. That is my goal."

You can watch the big game live from Crown Jewel on vember 5th on Peacock in the US and BT Sport Box Office in the UK. The event will also be streamed live internationally via the WWE Network.

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