These three wholesome and straightforward to make desserts might be successful on the vacation occasion

The holidays are almost upon us, which means there's gooey chocolate chip cookies and homemade cakes at your fingertips. (who is complaining). Though it's the time of year to treat yourself a little extra, there are healthy and delicious holiday dessert recipes so you don't have to sweat the candy this year if you want to stay on track.

"A lot of people don't realize that healthy alternatives to holiday treats are possible," says chef Christine Cheesman and mother of three. And with a few adjustments, sharing, and confidence in the kitchen, you'll be enjoying these healthy holiday dessert recipes all season long.

With that, Chef Chessman has brought together high-protein, easy-to-make desserts that are perfect for holiday celebrations without the guilt (and bloat).

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Chef Christine's Tips for Baking Healthy Dessert Recipes (Without Sacrificing Flavor)

1. Cut sugar

Rotten teeth are the least of your worries when it comes to sugar.   Knape/Getty

t Quite means, "Cut the amount of sugar in half and/or use a sugar substitute that contains stevia," says Chef Chessman. "Avoid artificial sweeteners and instead use natural sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, dates, or coconut sugar." She recommends.

2. Move over margarine

Replacing margarine with coconut oil, avocado oil, or ghee will keep your desserts creamy and flavorful without the unwanted bad fats.

3. Add Tasty Bling

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"Add mini chocolate chips, natural sprinkles, or other textured toppings to get the family hooked on the healthier desserts," says Chef Cheesman. A little "flavorful bling" on the outside works wonders to alert people to healthy options.

4. Do not interchange these flours

Unless you want your desserts to be rock hard: "Don't use coconut flour in place of wheat flour, as coconut flour isn't a 1:1 substitute for wheat flour," says Chef Cheesman.

5. Be bold and creative in the kitchen

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Even if you're not a seasoned baker, "It can be fun to experiment with new recipes and ideas," says Chef Cheesman. Think outside the box and invite family members to get involved.

6. Still practice portion control

While healthier desserts are better for you and maybe more nutritious, that doesn't mean we should eat the whole plate.” To ration treats, keep excess candy in the freezer instead of on the counter; We're less tempted to eat the treats when they're out of sight." Chef Chessman recommends.

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