Brittany Weiss packed her gear for CrossFit success

Brittany Weiss has been an athlete since she was 2 years old. As a gymnast, she pushed her body and mind to the extreme, which led to her retiring from the sport after her senior year of high school. She found joy in teaching younger gymnasts, but the competitive spirit never left her. A former Weiss trainer introduced her to CrossFit, and it was there that she found a new outlet and something to relate to.

The two-time CrossFit Games athlete recently incorporated Muscle and Fitness into her daily workout essentials, including Bull gear, a selection of snacks for while she works, NG Nutra MR46 for recovery, and Tula facial cleanser to make sure she's energizing probably feels her cleanest before she went home.

NG Nutra MR46

I've been using it for a little over three months now and I love it. I feel like there are so many different products they wear but obviously the one I wear is going to help me before, during and after my workout. It's loaded with BCAAs, and it just helps my body in workouts, and it also gets me ahead of recovery for afterwards.

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BUBS Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Bears

I can't do the liquid but gummies are fine. This is something I take every day. I usually do it with other vitamins and it's something that's been in my daily routine for a while. I love her!

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BRITTANY White Nobull GearCourtesy of BRITTANY Weiss

bull gang

To be honest, I've been wearing Bull for as long as I can remember. Before I even signed with them, it was just sportswear that I like to wear when I work out. I officially signed with them in March of this year. Honestly, what drew me to them was how I felt wearing their clothes while I was working out. I just feel like with so many different brands I would always pull up, pull down or do nothing really appropriate as it is when I wear Bull. The people behind the brand are incredible and that's also what made me move there. I had worn them for over three years. The amount of money I spent on Bull was insane. I started wearing her clothes and then got into her shoes. I just loved what they did, where they went and what they have planned for later.

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Wod & Done Thumb Band

Funny story: After the games this year, I took some time off and didn't lift weights or do any high-intensity things. I came back a month later and did the Rouge Invitational Qualifier and it occurred to me to put on thumb tape - I guess because I hadn't worked out or lifted heavy weights. During intensive cleanings I didn't realize how much I rely on thumb tape because my thumbs were destroyed. They were torn and it was so bad. I always find myself putting it on even when I don't really need it. It's like a habit now. I use Word & Done and they have hand grips but I like to feel the bar or have my hand on the bar grips so the thumb strap is a must for me.

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2POOD beltCourtesy of BRITTANY Weiss

2POOD belt

I've had more injuries than I would like. When I started CrossFit I had a really bad back injury, so I spent a lot of time rebuilding my core so I didn't have to rely on a belt as much. But there are times when I look at a workout and I know I need a belt because I know it's going to blast my lower back and it's so helpful to have. Honestly if you lift a little without a belt and put one on you feel like you can lift 15-20 pounds more and it's so helpful.

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BRITTANY Weiss is holding a bag of Wilde chipsCourtesy of BRITTANY Weiss

SNACKS (wild chips, fuel for fire, apple sauce)

I'm a big foodie, so I like to eat. These aren't even all the snacks I normally eat, but they are the top snacks I always eat during my workouts. Wild chips are packed with so much great protein - they're actually made from chicken breast. They're also high in good, healthy fats. Sometimes fats can put people off, but the healthier fats are what's really good for you. They're a little higher in fat, but it's good fat. The Fuel for Fire are really easy to break down because they come in a sachet and have carbs and protein inside. There's no fat in it, so I usually drink this after a high-intensity workout because I usually eat carbs and protein right after. i love applesauce The small pouches are just a simple delivery system. You just press it and away you go. I'm also a big fan of uncrustables, but they need to be frozen. That's hard for me because if they're in the gym with me, they won't be frozen. That's something I'll have when I come back.

Buy Wilde Protein Chips: $5 per bag at Wilde Chips

Buy Fruit Smoothie: 6 Pack for $17.99 at Fuel For Fire

Buy Kirkland Organic Applesauce: $29.04 at Walmart

Tula facial care

I could wash my face three times a day because it just makes me feel clean — especially after a workout. The gyms are being cleaned but there are a lot of people coming in and out throughout the day. When you're doing burpees and your face is so close to the ground, or you're sweating and wiping yourself with towels - I just feel better making sure my face is clean. I usually wash my face after a workout, wipe it off and put some moisturizer on it. I'm not a girl who wears makeup to workout because it just feels like there's too much on my face. This is a big thing I do after workouts to feel clean before I go home.

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WHOOP charger

I wear the WHOOP all the time. I love the dates and I enjoy looking at them. If I wake up and haven't recovered, that's how it is (laughs). I don't really let it get to me. It's something I've always liked to load up on, so I'm keeping it with me. Looking at your heart rate after a workout is just good information. You look back and see where your heart rate skyrocketed and where I could have tried to even it out a bit. I've been using WHOOP for about four years now. People have tried to get me to try other things, but I like that it doesn't have a face. I feel like if I had something with a face I feel like I'm checking it all the time and getting distracted.

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