Blast by way of coaching plateaus with these DC Comics collabs

2022 was a year of recovery for fans of the DC Extended Universe. t only was Dwayne Johnson's electrifying portrayal of "Black Adam" finally coming to the big screen, we've also been bombarded with the news that Henry Cavill is back in the herd and, to boot, he'll be repeating his bulletproof presentation of Superman. As our heroes rule Hollywood, many fans and athletes want to emulate these superpowers with crossover clothing and footwear that they can take to their own field or arena. M&F dug deep into some of the coolest kits available to find out why comic collaborations work so well, whatever our goals.

Courtesy of Reebok

“The initial idea for working with DC came from finding a property that would go well with Shaq and his rookie signature shoe, the 'Shaq Attaq', and Shaq's iconic 'Man of Steel' tattoo made this a natural one addition,” says Rich DiLando. is Global Director of Product Management – ​​​​Street Culture and Energy Collaborations at Reebok. “When we first started looking at other DC characters, Wonder Woman's superpower was the perfect inspiration for the Nano. From there, our team developed this great Heroes vs. Villains story, merging Reebok's legendary "classic" models with hugely popular characters like Harley Quinn, Batman, the Joker and Lex Luthor. The result is a line that has something for everyone, whether you're cheering for the heroes or the villains.”

Choose your ideal superhero (or villain) training companion

The DC/Reebok collection invites fans to choose between good and evil with a range of lifestyle and performance super sneakers. Characters featured include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, The Joker and Harley Quinn. These comic-themed shoes are a unisex clothing line that also includes a collection of matching graphic tees and hoodies.

DC Comics sneakersCourtesy of Reebok

You can mount your own "Shaq Attaq" with sneakers that make the most of the basketball icon's power and speed and combine them with Superman's core superpowers. The Shaq Attaq training shoe references elements such as the 'S' emblem of the man of steel, X-ray vision and freezing breath. And with unisex sizes from 5.5 to 13, big kids of all ages can join in. Each comic book icon's sneaker goes perfectly with your favorite character: the Batman shoe has a reflective Batman emblem on the tongue, and the Wonder Woman NANO X2 (also unisex) is completed with laces symbolizing the "Lasso of Truth". (To view the full DC/Reebok range, click here.)

Can't choose a hero or villain? Why not choose the ultimate antihero?

With "Black Adam" being portrayed by Dwayne Johnson, the grim captain of Project Rock, you already knew an Under Armor collaboration was on the way, but when it came, it definitely delivered. "We believe Dwayne was the first actor in a superhero role who didn't use a bodysuit to get into the role," said Sheldon Donnell, Senior Director of Athlete Solutions at Under Armour. "We knew our role at UA was to provide Dwayne with the tools and products he needed in his training to help him achieve that superhuman goal."

Luckily, the same training products are available for us mere mortals, including a black and gold and seriously bold version of the PR5 training shoe, as well as solid fitness gear for fearless men and women. “Dwayne's love of the PR5 led to this collection. The PR5 provided a canvas for the film's color and storytelling,” said Jonathan Hutnyan, Senior of PLM Performance Footwear at UA. "Every time I unbox my PR5 and tie my laces, I get so inspired by that last tie and I'm ready to walk through a wall," Johnson shares. And while running through walls is probably best left to the behemoths of the DCU, blasting through training plateaus is certainly within the realm of possibility if you're feeling inspired by your sportswear.

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