Calvin Johnson has a gymnasium bag crammed with life's subsequent chapter

During his nine-year career with the Detroit Lions, Calvin Johnson was the greatest and one of the most feared receivers the NFL had ever seen. At 6'5" and 239 pounds, he possessed a rare combination of strength, speed, jumping ability and passing ability. With those skills, he earned one of the coolest and most apt nicknames he was given at boot camp his rookie year: Megatron.

The sports world was stunned when Johnson decided to pursue a career in 2015 at the age of 30 and six Pro Bowls under his belt. Injuries, concussions, and a franchise that never seemed to live up to his quest for profits made retiring from the game in his prime the best decision Johnson could make. He was able to continue the rest of his life without serious physical limitations.

w at the age of 37, The Hall of Famer directs his fighting spirit to the game of golf and his cannabis company, Primiv. The Michigan-based company, co-founded with Johnson's former Lions teammate Rob Sims, opened a cultivation facility in Webberville, Michigan in 2019 and launched the Primiv dispensary in 2022. The Company will soon launch Primiv Performance - a collaboration with CYP, a company focused on instituting higher standards for cannabis consumption. The line will include a phytocannabinoid-infused electrolyte solution in a CBD stick pack and a topical pain relief cream.

With focused attention on his new craft, Johnson guided M&F through some of his personal favorites when hitting the links.

Courtesy of Calvin Johnson

I use Calloway's Apex irons, accompanied by a stiff DynamicGold shaft and Jumbo Max Ultra Lite grips. It offers the perfect weight balance and feel I'm looking for on the court.

I am currently using Mac Daddy 4 wedges because the spin is amazing with flush contact. It's always nice to see the spin back to the hole after it hits the green.

  • Buy Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Chrome Wedge: $142.99 on 2nd swing

Bushnell Launch Pro
Bushnell Golf and Foresight Sports teamed up last year to develop this launch monitor. It gives me all the data I need and some to correct my swing and more importantly I know my carry distances on all clubs.

  • Buy Bushnell Launch Pro Golf Launch Monitor & Simulator: $4,000 at PlayBetter

TaylorMade golf balls
I use the TaylorMade TP5 golf ball for the soft feel, distance and spin. The hexagonal dimples are also aesthetically pleasing.

StaSof glove
For grip, I use FootJoy's StaSoft glove. For long-lasting softness and performance, in my opinion the best big-hand feel glove on the market.

  • Buy StaSof-Prior Generation: $23.95 at FootJoy

Bushnell Wingman spokesman
I love my Bushnell Golf multipurpose wingman speaker because not only can you keep the good vibes up with music, but the GPS and app can instantly give distances and score points etc.

divot tool
It's been a long, hard day if my ball marker and divot tool aren't of much use.

Apple Watch Ultra
I love my Apple Watch Ultra for twice the battery life of my last Apple Watch, the larger, sturdier-looking case, and for keeping up with things like tracking my activity or daily tasks.

  • Buy Apple Watch Ultra: $799 at Apple

GolfBuddy GB Laser Lite range finder
My Golf Buddy lite is a simple, easy-to-use rangefinder that takes slope into account, unlike some rangefinders that can prove important when addressing shots.

I use Primiv Performance's nano-cannabinoid-enriched electrolyte solution to maintain the hydration my body needs so my mind can focus on the class.

I use Primiv Performance nano-cannabinoid topical cream to reduce inflammation and pain. I use it before and after any type of physical activity that results in sore joints or muscles.

baseball cap
I rock my Primitive New Era Black on Black Camo Snap when I feel like channeling my inner Tiger Woods.

  • Buy Primiv FlexFit Cap: $15 at Primitive

Morgenthal Frederics Blonde Horn sunglasses
I always reach for my Morgenthal Frederics because they are sturdy, good looking sunglasses that are perfect for blocking out the sun and other negative energy.

The Jordan 1 is my favorite, maybe because Nike released the first version the year I was born. However, when the golf shoe was launched, it immediately became a favorite. Great for walking, riding and even looks great wearing it for company. I'll probably never have a fresh pair on deck.

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