Lights Out XF Simply Debuted Gloves That Can Detect the Energy of Your Punch

Lights Out Xtreme Fighting league founder and former All-Pro NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman recently announced the release of sci-fi style MMA sensor gloves that can detect how much punch is packed in the ferocious strikes leveled inside of the cage. The game changing video on his Instagram account in collaboration with ShotTracker, a sensor-based system originally known for providing analytical data for basketball.

“For the first time ever, we’re partnering with Lights Out to put sensors in gloves,” said Davyeon Ross, who is the CEO of Shot Tracker, a sensor-based technology company. In the video, posted on February 27, 2024, Ross demonstrates that a “very small” sensor is actually placed inside of the glove with the aim of tracking some knock-down-drag-out data. If you think those electronic punch bags usually found near the beach to score your power are cool, these Lights Out Xtreme Fighting sensor gloves are light years ahead.

“From all the data collected, the gloves will be a game changer in how fans consume combat sports, betting, and health care which I hope to be able to implement to fighters some time down the road,” Merriman says.


How Do Motion Sensors Work in MMA Gloves?

Ross goes on to explain that the gloves are equipped with a full IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). One of the main purposes of an IMU is to measure and report back on force and angular rate, making it ideal for electronically visualizing a punch or a strike, and sending back telling data that could be invaluable a training tool, a new way to understand opponents, or simply a great additional piece of information to give out during fight commentary.

The way that IMU devices work is through the use of accelerometers to identify an objects’ (or gloves’) linear acceleration. Gyroscopes are also used to measure the rate of rotation around the sensors axis, in order to detect the angular force of the glove. By combining data from the sensors, the resulting information will show changes in position and velocity. As Ross explains, this means that those in the fight game can now get real-time information on punch efficiency in addition to the number of punches thrown, along with the strength and intensity of each strike. And it’s not just about striking. The sensors will also track a fighters’ movements around the cage. Plus, they will reveal how strong someone’s chin really is.

“So, we’re keeping tack of a lot of stuff,” said Ross. “And, we’re gonna be able to use that data to do some really incredible things. Whether it’s for fans, whether it’s for broadcast, or even for the fighters so that they can understand the efficiency and, you know, how they’re performing … Figuring out a way that we leverage technology to bring it to the MMA world. It’s really a tremendous privilege to partner with Shawne and Lights Out, to make this happen!”

In fact, the game-changing technology is already being rolled out on Lights Out showings on Fubo Sports. And since Lights Out serves as a feeding system for the bigger MMA leagues, Merriman, whose next fight card will be held on April 6 at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA, hopes to bring his new tech to the likes of the UFC once beta testing is complete.

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