This Prime-Promoting Folding Treadmill That 'Has Tremendously Improved' Customers' Sleep and Focus Is a Staggering $240 Off

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More than half of people who set a New Year's resolution call it quits before July. Exercise, particularly, can be a difficult one to make good on during the winter months. But walking treadmills have made logging cardio time a lot easier. These space-saving treadmills have been an easy solution for those who work from home and live in small spaces because they can be used and stowed away just about anywhere. Right now, one of Amazon's top-ranking models is nearly half off, and shoppers have been running to get one.

Right now, the Sperax 2-in-1 Under-Desk Walking Treadmill is on sale for $260—a 48% savings on the normal $500 price. This walking treadmill has been purchased more than 7,000 times in the last month, and it's earned over 1,600 five-star ratings, enough to land it a spot among the top 10 bestselling models in a swiftly rising category.

Sperax 2-in-1 Under-Desk Walking Treadmill in Red/Black, $260 (was $500) on Amazon

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This walking treadmill is made with an alloy steel frame and supports up to 280 pounds. Like most models, it features a slim silhouette, perfect for storing under a couch or bed, and has an LED display that allows you to track your session. Its standout features include a wider belt than most others and a folding crossbar, which can house a tablet or a phone. But what truly sets this model apart from others is its speed. Whereas most other walking treadmills get up to around 5 mph, this one can go as fast as 6.2 mph—ideal for both walking and jogging.

Walking treadmills like these skyrocketed in popularity in 2022 after viral TikTok videos showcased the benefits they bring to those working from home, an often stationary experience. By using one under an adjustable standing desk, another viral at-home work product, shoppers found they could be productive and active simultaneously—a win for personal health.

Men's Journal got an up-close look at this last year after learning about one father's remarkable fitness journey that was bolstered with a walking pad during work days. “This is where I think people across the country—across the world—could get in insane shape without even realizing it.”

Shoppers have had similar experiences, noting that this Sperax treadmill is very easy to use, works as advertised, and comes at an incredible value. "The Sperax Treadmill-Walking Pad has greatly improved my work-from-home experience," one shopper said. "It's a versatile and space-saving addition to my home office, allowing me to stay active and focused throughout the day." Another shopper went as far as saying it "has been an absolute game changer for my work routine."

The benefits of adding a walking treadmill to your routine aren't limited to physique—some shoppers say it's improved other functions. "I use it every day," a shopper noted. "It's improved my focus, exercise, and mood so, so much. I couldn't recommend this enough." One shopper even noticed better-quality sleep. "I’ve lost 10 pounds, the quality of my sleep has improved, and I have higher energy levels during the workday."

This Sperax Walking Treadmill is one of the best you can find on Amazon and a sensible addition for anyone who works from home. For just $260, which is less than a six-month membership at many gyms, you can hold yourself accountable to exercise more without having to step away from work.

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